How I plan on increasing my income and therefore my savings

Me and the BF have been talking, and we want to pay down our debt faster, and start putting more in savings.

We want to add around an extra $1,000 (after tax) to our monthly income. This shouldn’t be too hard.

Our steps for doing this include:

1. Doing more secret shops. I have made around $250 so far. My plan is to make around $150-$200 a month.

2. Continuing with my online surveys. Probably only around $30 a month. But this along with Swagbucks will probably be around $50 a month altogether.

  1. All the money I earn from Swagbucks I use for Amazon gift cards, and I plan on just using this for Christmas time for the kids in the extended family.

  2. From the survey company that I participate through, I also get lots of free products. These are not just trial sized products (actually none of my surveys have includes trial sized items). I get full products such as 8 rolls of toilet paper, 5 tubes of lip gloss, $200 to spend on Captain Morgan, gift cards to spend at grocery stores, TRESemme conditioner and shampoo and so on. All of this free stuff also saves money.

3. We have a friend moving in with us. This person is going to pay $300 for rent and utilities altogether. Our house isn’t huge but we have a finished basement, so altogether our house is around 2,500 square feet. So, with a roommate we still won’t be cramped.

  1. FYI, we are not having them move in just for the money, just so everyone knows.

4. Also, hopefully I can convince the BF to get a second part-time job. His hours at his current job have been cut (but he’s still making the same amount of money, I have no clue how that worked out), so he has time now. Now I just need him to be motivated to look.

  1. I know he can find one, a lot of our friends own restaurants and businesses and they are always asking him if he would like to work with them. I estimate that if he can find a part-time job, that he will make somewhere around $500 a month.

  2. He asked for more hours today (right after I posted this) at his work and now he’s making an extra $300 a month from work.

5. And then I plan on maybe getting a side job also. As many of you know, I have been asking you what you do and pretty much just bugging everyone. I’m not sure how I will have time for a side job, as I work 50 hours a week and I attend MBA classes full-time as well (12 credits this semester).

  1. I have two friends who are beer cart girls (both work at a different golf course, and they are both teachers and beer girls on the weekend). They make AT LEAST $300 every weekend, for just one day and just a couple of hours.

  2. They usually work from around 9am to around 1pm. So this sounds like pretty easy money to me. They also always tell me to join them because they always need help.

  3. So even if I worked just two days a month, I should clear at least $300 (pessimistically thinking) a month from this.

I know that all of this won’t happen, but that’s why my goal is only for $1,000. We then plan on paying off my student loan that actually has an interest rate right now. This loan is at around $5,700. So if we can pay off this loan in 5-6 months, we would then be able to start paying off my car completely and have that done within 4 months after the loan is done. So sometime by before next summer, I should be free of my student loan (that has interest) and my car loan! Then after this, I will be graduating with my MBA soon after, and then I can start working on paying down my enormous student loan. What have you been doing to make extra income?

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