How I spent my money this week

5 Things I Did That Were NOT Frugal

  1. Went out for lunch, got a snack before class, and then ate at Chevy’s at night (AHHH I cannot revert to my old eating habits because it’s way too expensive).

  2. Went to BWW for dinner with the BF.

  3. Bought clothes that I most likely did not need the other day

  4. Went to Target, and that’s just always a disaster for me and the BF. Bought too much stuff that we did not need.

  5. I honestly can’t think of anything else. So I think we’re doing great!

5 Things I Did That WERE Frugal!

  1. Made dinner nearly every day this past week!

  2. Brought my lunch to work nearly everyday

  3. We’ve had some weird 75 degree days lately, so it’s been nice to keep the heat off and open the windows. But on some days it gets down to 30 degrees.

  4. Not sure if this is frugal or not, but I finally opened up a credit card that gives me rewards points and also $300!

  5. Went grocery shopping last night and stayed within my budget. I had to wait over an hour to ring out though. I’m guessing they were crazy for Thanksgiving or something. IT WAS INSANE though.

What have you done this week that was frugal or not?

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