How I was and wasn’t frugal this week

Things I Did That Were NOT Frugal

  1. Went to the mall nearly every day this week. I’ve bought way too much. I bought 4 dresses, 3 sweaters, a jacket, a coat and a couple shirts. I’ve promised myself that I will not go back to the mall for the rest of the year.

  2. Ate out a lot this week. Had Chevys, Lion’s Choice, Breadco and McDonalds

  3. Since I was making meals, the BF went out to eat also because he doesn’t like to cook (I think I will start making premade stuff for him as most of you have been repeatedly telling me, I need to start listening!)

Things I Did That WERE Frugal!

  1. Brought my lunch to work everyday

  2. Kept the heat off or low on most days. It hardly comes on. Thankfully it’s not too too cold here yet.

  3. I’ve been combining trips so that I can save on gas (and because I hate driving).

  4. Also, I just did this, I analyzed our cell phone usage and was able to go to the 550 minute a month package. All of our friends have ATT, so that’s all unlimited, so we never use our anytime minutes. I checked and we had 5,342 rollover minutes, so obviously we could downgrade. Savings of $15 a month.

What have you done this week that was frugal or not?

Thanks everyone for the tips and information on yesterday’s post! I think we’re going to have someone come in and look at everything. The toilet seems to be working find now, but we’re worried about the floor, and as some of you said, if it might happen again. Which I do not want!



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