How I was and wasn’t frugal this week

I’m always late in doing this, but oh well.

5 Things I Did That Were NOT Frugal

  1. Bought heels (but they were from Forever21 and super cheap though)

  2. Went out on Saturday night (We didn’t spend a ton of money, but we still spent money. I need to pay off my student loans).

  3. I honestly can’t think of anything else. So I think we’re doing great!

5 Things I Did That WERE Frugal!

  1. Made dinner every day this past week!

  2. Brought my lunch to work everyday

  3. Kept the air/heat off most days. Just got the heat bill and it was only $46, and the electric bill was $45. The weather has been perfect lately. Around 60 degrees everyday.

  4. I had friends over on Friday and we just made food and talked. Fun!

  5. Got AT&T to get rid of the restoration fee.

What have you done this week that was frugal or not?

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