How I was and wasn’t frugal this week

I got the idea for this post from House Full of Searls. Great blog, check it out! Yes I realize this is a little late in the week, but late is better than never. Right?

5 Things I Did That Were NOT Frugal

  1. Went out to eat a lot in the past 7 days.

  2. Bought all of my costume pieces, and that added up quickly.

  3. Got a spray tan because I was feeling super pale and people were asking me if I was sick.

  4. Bought lots of dog toys for the dogs because I felt like I was neglecting them (but I used gift cards that I earned from Swagbucks, so I guess that’s frugal!)

  5. And I can’t think of a 5th, so that’s good, right!?

5 Things I Did That WERE Frugal!

  1. I still have made dinner nearly everyday for the BF and I, even though I have been eating out. This way we can have leftovers later on still.

  2. Brought my lunch to work everyday

  3. Kept the air/heat off most days

  4. Spent less than $50 on going out and drinks last weekend!

  5. My friend and I are both trying to save money, so we have been trying to do cheaper things, such as staying at my house and watching a movie, cooking food for us at my place and so on.

What have you done this week that was frugal or not?

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