How I was and wasn’t frugal this week

I got the idea for this post from House Full of Searls. Great blog, check it out!

5 Things I Did That Were NOT Frugal

  1. Went to Oktoberfest and spent too much money. Beers were $9 a piece!

  2. Went to Qdoba (but it was cheap so that’s my justification)

  3. Me and the BF like to drive around for fun (ok well he likes to drive and I just like to sit in the passenger seat), and I guess now that gas prices are down a little bit we are justifying this expense, but we really shout not be driving

  4. Realized I bought a Groupon that has expired now. It’s still valid for the amount I bought it for though, so I still have $20 to spend in the store, so I guess it’s not entirely wasted

  5. Bought a new swimsuit (it’s super cute though and was only $7 on sale at Target)

5 Things I Did That WERE Frugal!

  1. Ate in nearly everyday this week

  2. Brought my lunch to work everyday

  3. Made treats for the dogs

  4. Kept the air off except for the weekend (it was around 90 to 95 degrees with lots of humidity)

  5. Had people over on Friday night so that we wouldn’t all be wasting money on over-priced drinks

What have you done this week that was frugal or not?

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