How Much Was Your Wedding?

This is W’s Grandma’s – Where we are having our wedding.

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It has been awhile since my last Friday Question post. The last one was What’s Stopping You From Living Your Dream? Today’s question is wedding related.

This year must be the year of personal finance blog weddings and proposals, because there are so many of us! It’s an exciting time. I love all of the wedding posts that I’ve been seeing, and it’s interesting to see everyone’s different ideas.

Since I am a personal finance blogger, the topic of a wedding budget comes up a lot. At times I think about eloping, but then the next day I think about how much I want a really huge wedding. It probably drives W crazy that I am always changing my mind!

In January of this year, I published our wedding budget. I stated that I didn’t want to spend more than $20,000 and that it was very possible even though we will have over 250 guests.

I have already paid for my wedding dress, which was a little over $1,600. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and it definitely made me excited about the wedding. We also paid for half of our photographer’s fee, which is less than $2,000 (we got her at a STEAL and managed to book her before she became probably the most popular photographer in the STL area).

I think that we will be spending around $10,000 more for our wedding, so I definitely think that we will be able to come in under $20,000. I’m thinking about $3,000 for a tent and other rentals, $4,000 for food and alcohol (luckily we get to choose our own caterers and save money since we have our own venue), and then a bunch of extras that most likely won’t cost more than $3,000.

We plan on doing a lot of things ourselves, and thankfully we have been given some things for free (such as our venue, Save the Dates and invitations).

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How much was your wedding? What do you regret spending money on?

Would you go back and elope? Or if you eloped, would you go back and have a big wedding?



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