How To Earn Extra Money Playing Games On Your Phone

Did you know there’s an app out there that uses games and rewards to help you reach your financial goals?

Long Game is a personal finance app that lets you play games and win cash, without ever risking losing any money. And, it is FREE.

Long Game was even Startup Of The Week on Forbes! They’ve also been featured on The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Fast Company, and Today.

The main objective of Long Game is to help people become financially independent. Spending money is easy and “fun” to do for the majority of us, but their app makes it just as fun to save money, too.

The app uses a concept called “Prize-Linked Savings” which is already used by millions of people to save money outside the United States. Savers get motivated to maintain and even grow their savings. Long Game is the first app in the U.S. of this kind and is even federally authorized.

The app is secure, FDIC-insured, and it gives you Coins for saving. With the Coins, you can play games like scratchers, slot machines, and spin-to-win games all in the app. Long Game Savings even has a weekly lottery-style drawing for up to $1,000,000.

Even better, you don’t need to spend any money on a scratch-off or lottery game, and can instead play games with the Coins you receive for saving. That’s right – you don’t need to spend money to enter the lottery with Long Game Savings, and can instead enter the weekly lottery with the Coins you’ve accumulated in the app. Long Game is 100% free and has no fees whatsoever.

What’s the catch with Long Game?

You may be wondering how this is possible.

Trust me, I was wondering the same thing!

Did you know banks make 3%-5% on your savings by lending it to others? They only pay you back a mere 0.01% in interest. Long Game has partnered with socially-minded banks to give a portion of their share to the app, and then Long Game pays users in prizes.

The Long Game app takes that money and distributes it back to customers in prizes. People can win thousands of dollars or nothing at all besides the 0.1% interest from the savings.

Here’s how it works.

Here’s a quick video to show you how Long Game works.

A user of Long Game described the app like this: “It’s a gamified savings account that’s something similar to playing the lottery. Instead of playing a scratcher and maybe winning a buck (and probably winning nothing) you’re getting Coins and any money you use to play you’re actually putting into a savings account, which is awesome.”

To get started playing Long Game, all you have to do is install the iOS or Android app on your phone. You’ll then link your bank to get 300 free welcome Coins. Long Game is available to residents of the United States who have a checkings or savings account. Long Game does not store your banking credentials and your money is also FDIC insured. The app currently supports over 11,500 financial institutions. Once you make a deposit, you get even more Coins to play games in the app.

For new users, there’s also a First Week Bonus that will motivate and encourage new users to save more money, with up to 500 free bonus coins for making a deposit of setting up AutoSave. You can set up AutoSave through the app on your schedule, and even set up deposits on paydays. You can withdraw your money at any time, including your deposits, interest, and cash you have won.

You can earn free crypto assets for saving with Long Game.

Long Game has a brand new feature, and that is that they have a new way to get you to save more money – cryptocurrency (at launch, the Crypto Rewards assets include Ether, BitCoin and ZeroX.).

Long Game just launched Crypto Rewards, which rewards users of their personal finance app with free crypto assets for having healthy financial habits.

This is super interesting, as this makes getting into cryptocurrency pretty much risk free, and it’s a fun way to learn more about it.

Here’s a quote from Lindsay Holden, CEO of Long Game about their new Crypto Rewards feature:

“We believe that blockchain will fundamentally change finance and business as we know it, but investing in cryptoassets is still risky. It’s important for Long Game customers to learn about this exciting new frontier. Crypto Rewards will serve to educate our customers and introduce them to crypto markets while protecting them from the risk that comes with investing.”

I’m super excited about their launch of this as cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular, and Long Game adding this to their personal finance app is a great way to motivate people to learn more about cryptocurrency.

If you struggle to save money and need some extra motivation to save more money, get started playing Long Game today. Long Game is perfect for lottery-lovers who are tired of spending their hard earned money on tickets that don’t return in their favor. Have fun playing lottery-like games while also winning Coins to help you save more money.

If you decide to play Long Game, let me know how much you’ve won (or didn’t win) below!

Click here to check out Long Game for yourself.

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