How to Earn Money

Updated: Sep 10, 2020


1. APPS: There are some applications by which we can make easy money. In that we have to install                    other apps for which we get money. 

           EX: Mcent,taskbucks,earn money, ladoo etc.

2. SURVEYS: In this we have to complete the surveys means we have to answer some simple                               questions about the products.

          EX: survey monkey ,surveys,etc.

3. SELLING TWITTER OR FB ACCOUNTS: Once your account have more followers you can                       sell your account with good price. 

4. CREATE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL: It is the one of the fastest method to make money online so                  create your youtube channel and good videos get more views. And it pays $1 for 1000                          views. 

5. CREATE A  WEBSITE: It is a very good method wich gives a chance to become a millioner. So                    create a website and show your tallent or profession and earn good money.

6. GENERATE TRAFFIC: If you have good followers in any of the thing you can earn by showing                    adds or promoting the products.

7. AFFILIATE MARKETING: It is nothing but promoting or selling products of amazon,flipkart                        etc.for which you get commision.


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