How To Not Break Your Budget When Mattress Shopping – ZZZ Sleep Products Review

When we bought our home together a little over 5 years ago, we were on a strict budget. We bought our home when we were just 20 years old, so we didn’t exactly have a lot of money to spend on furnishing our home.

One thing we decided was to buy a new mattress and box spring. We ended up finding one and it was the cheapest mattress set we could find at the store. We made several mistakes with that purchase, and we ended up buying a mattress and box spring for around $400.

We thought that was expensive and that the purchase of a mattress wasn’t a big deal. So we went the cheap, basic mattress/box spring route and just chose the cheapest one we could find at the furniture store.

BOY was that a mistake. We often complained about our backs hurting, we never felt like we got a good night’s sleep, and occasionally we felt like the mattress was jabbing our sides.

Even though $400 is still a decent amount of money to spend, it was very poorly made. It had lumps in it, it was not comfortable, and it was just horrible for sleeping on.

Around a year ago, we ended up buying a memory foam topper. That didn’t work though. We could still feel our lumpy and poor quality mattress through the thin layer of memory foam.

Our new budget-friendly mattress from ZZZ Sleep Products.

Around one month ago, I was offered the opportunity to get rid of my old mattress and switch it out with a mattress from ZZZ Sleep Products and become an affiliate if I ended up liking the product. From the moment I opened up the package, I knew I would love it.

Note: I was not asked to post a review, but instead asked to inform others about how high-quality mattresses can be obtained affordably without going broke.

The mattresses that this company sells are a STEAL and I highly recommend them. That’s why I decided to partner with them because they sell high quality mattresses at a fraction of what other similar mattresses sell for. I almost didn’t believe how cheap they were so I knew I had to share this review in case anyone else was in the market.

The mattresses from ZZZ Sleep Products get shipped right to your door for FREE, so I didn’t even have to go anywhere to buy it. I also didn’t have to figure a way to bring it home and/or bother someone with a truck to help me get it there.

I ended up choosing the 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress (this one), which has a price of just $549 on their website. This mattress feels great! It’s a memory foam at an unbeatable price. It also has a gel top so you never get too hot sleeping on it. We’ve been on a road trip for the past two weeks and have been dreaming about going back to our amazing mattress – that’s how great it feels. We hated our old mattress and how uncomfortable it was.

We are getting better sleeps, we don’t wake up achy, and even our dogs don’t want to leave the bed. The affordable price of this mattress almost seems unbelievable. I have coupon codes below for up to $70 off a mattress if you are interested as well!

Because of our mattress history, I figured this would be a great blog post. A mattress can be a fairly big purchase in a person’s life, and, of course, you do not want to make a mistake. Here are my tips to not break your budget when mattress shopping:

Create a budget before you shop for a mattress.

For some reason I always thought I would have to spend thousands of dollars in order to get a great mattress. That is just not true. I have friends who have worked at mattress stores and have told me that they sell mattresses up to $10,000. That is just INSANE.

ZZZ Sleep Products sells great mattresses for around $500 (some are more expensive, some are less). You really can’t beat that price.

I cannot even fathom spending over $1,000 on a mattress, especially when the mattress we just received is so amazing.

So, my first tip for my budget bed buying guide is to always create a budget. Your mattress budget doesn’t have to be large, so keep that in mind.

Know what you want – How to choose a mattress?

Deciding how to choose a mattress can be a little difficult since there are several different types of mattresses out there.

We had no problem with buying our mattress online because we knew we wanted a memory foam with a gel top. Because of this, we were able to decide online and save a great deal of money. Buying online is the next step to my budget bed buying guide, as long as you know what you want!

If you don’t know what type of mattress you need, then shopping in a store is possible as well since it might be difficult for some to determine how to choose a mattress when shopping online – but keep in mind that you will probably spend a little more money. However, it’s better to pay a little more and testing different mattresses than to make an expensive mistake. Go in, lay on a few mattresses that you are interested in, and see what you really like.

Ask for a discount, use a coupon, shop during sales, etc. when picking a mattress.

For most mattress purchases, there will be some sort of coupon, negotiation, etc. that can be put towards the purchase regardless of the type of mattress that you are shopping for. If you are shopping in person, you can usually negotiate the price of a mattress. The sticker price is usually never the price you pay.

If you are going to negotiate the price of the mattress, you need to remember a few things.

  1. Always be polite. I don’t know why, but some people think that being mean will allow them to get a discount. If anything, the salesperson will just want to run away from you and not want to help you.

  2. Be realistic. Getting a $500 mattress for $1 just isn’t going to happen. Instead, shoot for something around $100 off the price.

  3. Be prepared to leave. If the price isn’t right, then it just isn’t right. Sometimes the sales person may realize that you mean business and they will try harder to earn your business. Of course, you still want to be nice in this scenario. No yelling!

If you are interested in buying an affordable mattress from ZZZ Sleep Products, I have coupon codes below. You can check the closeout mattress models here.

  1. $50 Off Closeout Mattresses – Mattress Coupon Code is MICHELLE50 – Does Not Expire

Don’t forget about delivery fees when buying a mattress.

ZZZ Sleep Products offers free shipping on their mattresses, but many mattress companies do not. You may find yourself having to pay $75 on shipping for a mattress if you buy it just across your town.

Always factor in shipping into your mattress budget.

Be wary of financing offers when mattress shopping.

When you enter a furniture store, there are often many different types of financing offers that you might be hit with. Unless you understand fully what you are getting yourself into, it is usually best to avoid these offers.

Another thing you want to be wary of is any offer where you pay weekly for whatever type of mattress you plan on buying. Usually you are paying extremely high fees for the same product that you can get from another store. Instead of paying $500 for a mattress, you may be paying $5,000 because of high interest fees that many weekly pay-as-you-go furniture stores offer.

Is a mattress an expense you tend to put off? How much did you spend on your current mattress? How OLD is your current mattress? What other tips would you add to this budget bed buying guide?

If you decide to buy something from ZZZ Sleep Products, don’t forget to use the coupon code above!

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