How to Save Money When on a Family Vacation

Save Money When Booking

Stay at a Hostel – Hostels is clean, comfortable, and affordable. They even allow you to have family rooms and private bathrooms for a fraction of what you would pay at one of the top hotels.

Continuously Look for Deals – Once you have booked your accommodations it is recommended that you keep checking online for deals and discounts until you depart. If you see, better deals do not be afraid to ask them for them since you have not checked in yet.

Do The Math Before Booking – Sometimes you will run across travel packages that seem too good to be true. When this happens, make sure you do the math to find out the original price. You may find out that you are not getting a discount at all or a very small one.

Stay Somewhere With Food Promotions – A large portion of your family’s budget probably goes towards meals. So, when booking your accommodations try to find ones that have “kids eat free” or “free breakfast”. Alternatively, you can save a lot of money if you bring your own meals, so ask to see if your hotel comes with a microwave and small refrigerator in your room.

Save Money by Lowering Food Costs

Bring Your Own Food – If you are going on a road trip, it is ideal to pack your own food to cut down your food costs drastically. This way you can do picnic lunches, and have juice and water in a cooler in case someone is thirsty when riding. We suggest doing this for breakfast and lunch, and only eating out for dinner. One paid meal per day is a lot cheaper than paying for three meals a day.

Travel With Big Thermos – When going on long drives to reach your destination always make sure you have big thermos. Usually, gas stations will let you fill them up for $1.

Grocery Shop – When you arrive to your destination go grocery shopping, if staying at a resort. Some locations even allow you to do your grocery shopping online and they deliver it to you.

Look at the Online Newspaper for Your Destination – Before you go on your trip look at the newspaper for the area. See what type of deals they have available at restaurants and other local places. You can even get deals on theme parks, museums, and more.

Save Money by Planning Fun

Rent DVDs and Audio Books – DVDs can be perfect for the car ride, but they also can cut back on entertainment for your family at night. Instead, of having to pay for movies from your hotel for family movie time, you can rent some and take a bunch of options on the trip with you.

Book Events in Advance – You can save a lot of money by booking your tickets online before you arrive to your destination. It always costs more if you pay at the door or purchase tickets last-minute. Therefore, before you get on the road you should have your tickets already.

Go to the Beach – When travelling during the summer months schedule in some beach time for you and your family. It is a fun family event, and you do not have to spend any money to enjoy what the beach has to offer you.

Set a Vacation Allowance – If you have ever travelled on business more than likely your employer gave you a vacation allowance. This technique can be used for families on a budget too.

Pick Up Coupon Booklets – When travelling make sure you keep your eyes open for coupon booklets. They have even more discounts that you will not access anywhere else, which results in more money being saved.

Pre-Buy Souvenirs – If you plan to go to a theme park purchase souvenirs in advance from a mass retailer such as Walmart. They will be the same things your children will want to purchase inside of the park but they will cost you less. You can present the items to your kids before you go in the park to cut back on the things they will want you to purchase once you get inside.

Save Money on Communicating Costs

Prepaid Cell Phones – When traveling out of your local area your family’s regular phones may not work the best. However, for approximately $10 you can purchase a prepaid cell phone that should only be used during emergencies. If you have teenaged kids, this works well because they will not be glued to their own phones instead of bonding with the family.

Look for WI-FI Hotspots – Before you go to your destination, see if they have Wi-Fi hotspots along the route, as well as at your destination. This will save you more money than if you were to pay for a mobile internet card.

These are our best money-saving tips for family vacations.


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