How To Save Money With Your Wedding Flowers

According to CNN, the average wedding costs $30,000. This is an amount we knew we didn’t want to spend, so we found some different ways to save money. One of the ways was to DIY our wedding flowers.

Last month, I published the article DIY Wedding Ideas – Worth It Or A Waste Of Money? For our wedding, we wholesaled our wedding flowers online and arranged them ourselves. DIYing our wedding flowers was something that we thought was well worth the money.

By ordering our wedding flowers online, we were able to save a lot of money. We spent less than $400 on our wedding flowers, whereas others sometimes spend much, much more (check out this wedding flower cost forum on The Knot!).

It was also a very fun process. I am never very crafty or creative, and I was able to do that with my flowers.

Buying flowers online for our wedding was a very easy process. We wholesale ordered ours, but you can also buy fresh flowers that are already in nice bundles.

Will the flowers last until my wedding day?

If you are thinking about wholesaling and ordering your wedding flowers online, you may be thinking “I always kill flowers, so that will not work for our wedding!”

It worked well for us though.

I was afraid I would kill all of the flowers as well, and that did not happen. All of our flowers came with care instructions, and they were easy to follow. Even though our wedding flowers all arrived on Wednesday (a few days before our Saturday wedding), all of the flowers lasted very well.

By Saturday, all of the flowers had opened up and were ready for the wedding.

You do need to make sure you have big buckets for the flowers to soak up all the water with. You will also want to by floral clippers to clip the bottoms of the flowers so that they can soak in the water. Flower food is a great idea as well, and we bought that too.

Would you ever DIY your wedding flowers?


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