I don’t care about the Super Bowl

Happy weekend everyone! Or to some/most of you, Happy Super Bowl weekend! I’m not a huge football fan, so don’t chop my head off. I am from St. Louis so baseball is my life (and the St. Louis Rams suck so I just don’t pay attention to football).

I definitely have a long to do list for this weekend. Need to take my dogs to the groomer. This doesn’t sound like a large task, but my smaller dog HATES people that he doesn’t know, so going to the groomer is usually a very long experience and very time consuming. I also have a ton of other errands to run, and then tomorrow is also W’s birthday. He’s getting so old 😛

I know last week I said my How to Start a Blog post would be published this past week, but instead it will be published this upcoming week. If you have any questions that you would like me to cover, please ask away in the comments below or email me.

Posts on my blog:

  1. $6,523 in January Extra Income and GOALS – My extra income just seems to be increasing like crazy. I’m loving it, and it’s helping me reach my goals a lot faster. Have you been making more income?

  2. I’ll Never Be a Frugal Blogger – While I definitely consider myself a personal finance blogger, I am not super frugal. Yes I like to save money, but I am also willing to spend my money. Bridget also had a similar post about how money should be enjoyed.

  3. How To Become a Virtual Assistant – A lot of you have been asking how to become a virtual assistant. Hopefully this post helps!

  4. $3,340 in Extra Income, Life, Wedding Updates – We finally have our wedding venue for sure! Now we just have everything else to plan.

Posts on my sister’s blog:

  1. Where I Find Motivation – My sister is super healthy. She’s not on a diet, she is doing a lifestyle change. I don’t know how she stays so motivated, but she does!

  2. Supplements I Take & How To Save – I don’t take any supplements, but my sister definitely does.

  3. Grocery Store Shopping & How I Save -Many people think that shopping for healthy food always has to be crazy expensive. My sister shares how she shops.

Favorite posts of the week:

  1. Tipping and Being Frugal: Can They Coexist? Our Freaking Budget

  2. The Side Effects of Staying in Budget Budget and the Beach

  3. Is Inspiration All That’s Needed to Pay Off Your Debt? Young Cheap Living

  4. Apparently I’m Unemployed… Who Knew? Planting Our Pennies

  5. How I Became a Full-Time Blogger in 17 Months Blog Sexier

  6. Discerning Wants Vs. Needs My Alternate Life

What are your plans for the weekend?

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