I found a funny/interesting list on what to NOT hand out on Halloween.

Wise Bread had an article on What Not to Hand Out on Halloween.

  1. Homemade items. I don’t know if any of you have seen the Freaks and Geeks episode where the mom tries to hand out homemade items and the neighbors accuse her of trying to poison the neighbors, but this is a good example.

  2. Money. When I was little, someone actually gave me nickels and pennies like it says in the article.

  3. Jokes. I hated it when people wouldn’t give me candy until I told a joke. Yes I realize that now that I hand out candy, that I have tried to torture kids into telling me jokes, and now it’s funny to do this, but I hated it when I was little.

  4. Food. I’ve had people give me canned foods before because they had nothing left. Just don’t open up your door people! Those cans were heavy when I was 6.

Are you guilty of any of these? What do you do that’s outside the box?


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