I hate AT&T

So yesterday, I was checking my bill pay accounts and for some reason my bill for my AT&T didn’t go through. I always have the bill paid automatically online for the exact day that it’s due.

When I called to pay it over the phone (since it wasn’t working online), I entered all of my card information on the phone and before receiving a confirmation number, I was automatically transferred. This person said my account was suspended that morning for no payment.

UHHHH WHAT!?!? My payment was due yesterday, and I tried paying it in the afternoon (so I paid it the exact day that it was due, how is that late?!? I just don’t understand). Does that make any sense? I demanded that I be able to talk to someone else because this person just kept saying “I’m here to help you and make you happy.” She literally said that at least 15 times, and it was getting aggravating that she said literally NOTHING ELSE. I don’t know why she kept on saying it.

So I was transferred. This person said I was transferred to the wrong person. Then i was transferred 5 more times to the wrong person and finally I talked to someone and they said that it was an accident BUT I would still have to pay the $30 internet restoration fee myself.

Ummm what? I asked her about 5 times why I would have to still pay this, and she had nothing to say.

So then I asked to be transferred to someone where they would be able to cancel my account. And I was transferred and this person said I was transferred to the wrong person again.

So the next person that I talked to, I was not a pretty sounding girl on the phone. I was fed up after spending my ENTIRE lunch break (a little over an hour) on the phone talking to AT&T. So much for going to BreadCo for lunch.

Well, after I was transferred to this person and I told them right away what my question was and if they couldn’t help me then I’m not going to waste my time telling you my name, number, account number, account code, social security number and address since I already told around the other 12 people that same information. She said she could help me. And she did. She waived the fee (should I even be thankful for this? I should have gotten this anyways!).

She said she would waive it so that I won’t cancel, I told her I won’t cancel right now…

So now I’m currently in the market for a new internet service. Because this was a complete waste of my time and I was so angry. Any good companies out there that you can recommend? I’m also going to get rid of my cell phone and home phone through them also because of this, I plan on just bundling it through another company hopefully.

This was just my last straw with AT&T. They’ve messed up too many times.

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