I love it when people hit my car and drive away. It’s wonderful!

And my car was hit this week. AND the person drove away and didn’t leave a note or anything. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this to you guys before, but my brand new car has been hit over 10 times already since I’ve gotten it. (Ok so it’s not brand new, it’s a couple years old, but I bought it brand new!) I’m really starting to get sick of this.

Over 10 times my car was parked when it was hit (and they ALL drove away) and 2 times I was rear-ended in traffic. The one accident was really scary and I still get shaken up whenever anyone is too close to the back of my car. I was sitting in traffic (complete dead-stop) and this guy enters the highway going really fast. The police said he was going over 60 miles per hour. And I was at a complete stop, so when he hit me, my car went flying into a ditch. I saw him coming and it was truely terrifying because I thought I was going to die, but all I could do was brace myself because there were cars all around me. I tried turning into the shoulder of the highway and turned my wheel to the right so when he hit me, I wouldn’t completely slam into the person in front of me.

And after the guy hit me, he started driving again and drove in front of me so that when the police came, it would look like everything was my fault. He even told the cops that it was my fault! The cops and firefighters didn’t believe me but then one of the cops noticed that the guys license plate was STUCK TO THE BACK OF MY CAR. So then there was proof and the guy was in BIG trouble for lying to the police and firefights and wasting their time. Oh yeah and insurance wouldn’t say that my car was totaled. So now when I try to sell it, it’s worth less than a car that hasn’t been hit. So that was a bad day. I needed the whole back half of my car replaced and it was around $15,000 to fix.

Those two times it was completely the other person’s fault. The other 14 times though I have had to pay everything out of pocket because I don’t want my insurance to go up. Everyone says my car must be bad luck and that I should get something new. I’m very tempted because my friend has the same car as me and her car has been hit NINE times! Anyone else have such bad luck with their car?

Sorry about the rant everyone. And now below is something to make you happy.



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