I Love My Life – The Good Things

After yesterday’s post I wanted to think of the good things in my life. I usually don’t like a pity party, so no one feel sorry for me! I loved everyone’s comments on my post. You all have extremely great points and I have a lot to think about in the future, but for now I’m pretty set on how I will react with anything that happens about the issue talked about yesterday.

I very much love my life. With everything I have experienced, I still do try to think the of the good in everything. Even though I don’t have the perfect family (not anywhere near it), there are still people out there worse than I, so I don’t like to complain.

I have a friend who has it MUCH MUCH worse (can’t even go into detail on that), and my boyfriend always tells me that his friend always wants to talk to me to vent. But I honestly would feel like I’m being stupid compared to the things he’s been through in his life. Being happy for what you have is key.

I wouldn’t be who I am without everything I have experienced. This is something I try to think about often.

I’m not a debbie downer (at least I try not to be) and I definitely don’t like to make people feel sorry for me. So I guess this post will consist of me trying to make you happy for me instead.

Lots of good things are happening in my life this year!

I am a firm believer of believing and thinking of the positive. I think this truly helps and is a great step to improving your life. Always being sad and thinking about the negatives in life have never helped me.

Sometimes you just have to move on and improve your life! Reminding yourself that things will get better and you possibly can’t get any lower than rock bottom is good as well. Remember, things can only get better!

Of course, there are many things I am happy for in my life. It’ll be hard to contain this list into a semi-small blog post, but I will contain it to the nice number of 10. I will most likely do future posts to add to this, because it’s never ending!

Here’s a list of 10 things that I’m loving right now:

  1. My dogs. Of course they come first haha. I love them so much. Without them I would be devastated.

  2. My sister. We recently have started to patch up our relationship. I know most sisters are like this, but we didn’t get along forever. I always craved one of those super close sister type friendships, but we didn’t have that. Yes we still fight, but we’ve started hanging out again. Plus she is also moving in soon.

  3. My boyfriend. Through thick and thin, he has been here. I honestly feel bad for him. He probably didn’t know what he was getting himself into 6 years ago. He’s always there for me, makes me laugh, loves me, lets me have girls nights every weekend (and genuinely wants me to have fun and go wild in Vegas, whereas I know many guys think it’s crazy that he’s “letting” me go), he takes care of me, cleans the house, and so much more. Oh yeah and he’s good looking 🙂 haha

  4. His family. The boyfriend’s family is the greatest thing in the world for/to me. They have taken me in and treat me like a part of the family. It’s honestly nice to be in a “normal” family. My boyfriend makes me laugh because he used to always complain about how his family isn’t normal, but they are. He’s finally starting to realize this now, thankfully!

  5. My friends. I love my friends. Even though I don’t see them as much due to school and work right now (I still do see them at least twice a week, so it’s not completely horrible), I love them so much. I have some of the greatest friends. I can’t wait until we go to Vegas! And I wish I could tell them about my blog, but I still haven’t. I love the animosity still.

  6. Almost having my Finance MBA. So close! I know you are all probably sick of me talking about it, but I’m so excited. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all of my free time! I have been working full-time and going to school since about 10th grade, so it’ll be a great feeling. There will be lots of sleeping involved after I graduate.

  7. Going to Vegas with my friends. I’m super excited for this. I wish it was sooner. Less than 4 months though! Going to Vegas for 5 days with 6 to 7 girls is going to be a blast.

  8. My blog. I love my blog. I devote so much time to it, so it’s hard not to love it right? I’ve made so many friends and that of course makes me happy as well.

  9. My house. I love having my own house with my boyfriend and my dogs. It’s nice to have a place to call home and have that stability in my life. I still need to decorate, but I’ll have plenty of time for that soon.

  10. My job. I love my job. My work is great, the days go by fast, the people I work with are great also.

P.S. I kind of got this idea from The Money Pincher as well. I loved the idea and didn’t want my blog to be all depressing, so I thought it’d be a great addition for today! Check their good things out here.

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