I’m a Lazy Bride and Weekly Update

This past week was a good one, except for two little things.

One – Wes hurt his back and couldn’t walk at all, which meant we had to go to a chiropractor. He is slowly getting better though, thankfully!

The other thing is that we still have squirrel problems, but they are almost gone! We had a new company come out and they are having much better luck. We have blocked all of their entrances, but now they are going crazy.

If you saw my tweets the other night, they were actually jumping off of trees and the sides of our home, and slamming into windows on our house (I wish I was joking).

I heard that this behavior is common if the entrance to their “home” is blocked. It was really scary to hear a loud thump and see a squirrel clinging onto our window screen about every 10 minutes. This picture below (I found that picture on the internet) of the squirrel is pretty much what was happening. Just imagine this going on for a few hours…


This past week was fairly cheap. I don’t think we spent much except for the $100 fee for the new pest control person.

Oh, and we also bought $60 in dirt for our house since we have some spots where puddles were forming – so we wanted to slope our yard a little bit.

I did notice the other day that some of the bulbs we planted in the Fall are starting to pop out of the ground. I’m really surprised this is happening since I am a known plant killer.

Also, we are thinking about going somewhere in Florida and renting a beach house for about a week in April. Are there in places in the area of Destin or Panama City (anywhere within a few hours of those two cities) that have beaches that allow dogs?

Also, in the month of April will these areas still be crowded with spring breakers (we don’t want that)?

Business Income

Last week was slow for business, but this past week has been super busy with work for me to do. I love busy weeks, so I hope this continues into next week.

If anyone needs any help, check out my Hire Me page and let me know what services you are interested in.

Being healthy

We have been doing much better with being more healthy. We have been going on a lot of long bike rides, which are my favorite.

We did go on a bike ride last week and my bike broke 15 miles into a the bike ride. Wes had to then bike back to the car because my bike completely locked up on me (and I went flying into the air). We took it in and got it fixed for free, but it does stink to spend almost $500 on a bike for it to break twice on me already.

I’m still doing T25. And, we have been eating healthy as well. We still have a good amount of cheat/treat meals each week, but I’m fine with that.

I’m also tracking my body fat percentage, and I’m trying to get to 20% by April 1st. I’m at 22% right now. I read online that a “fit” person should be between 21% to 24%, so I don’t feel as bad about the body fat, but that still seems like a crazy high percentage.

We are also starting to get into making our own smoothies. Do you have any awesome smoothie recipes to share?

Wedding Planning

We still have a ton of wedding planning to do. It’s scary to think about how much still needs to be done when there are only around 2.5 months left.

Main things that we still need to do include:

  1. Finalize the catering. Yes, this hasn’t been done yet, but it’s not my fault. I’ve been bothering the caterer like crazy.

  2. Invitations. AHHH I can’t believe these still aren’t done.

  3. Register. We registered at Target but we still want to register at one more place (REI).

  4. Find a bartender. We haven’t looked yet.

  5. Make a wedding website. I am such a slacker.

  6. Signage. We want multiple signs for the wedding. We want some for the bar area, directions for the actual property (such as bathrooms, dancing, ceremony, reception, etc.) and then signs so that people can find the location of the property.

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Have you been doing well with your income, spending and being healthy?

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