I’m a Workout Failure

I’ve been failing with my workout goal. I think I’ve only worked out once this whole new year. BAD! I keep telling myself that I’ll go, but just sitting on my couch and in my pajamas sounds so much better. Anything sounds better actually.

My goal is to get more toned. I want nice legs, abs, and just to be tone all over. I’m going to do this by eating healthy (like the picture above) and working out more (or just working out at least once). I at least want to go running with my dog at least every other day.

I need to start working out now! We’re leaving for our vacation in exactly 2 weeks.

I pinned a bunch of these recently. I want to erase any arm flab, get nice legs, eat healthy, found a cheat sheet, and the main thing I’m working on:


My goal for everyday or at least every other day is to work on my abs and legs. Wow am I going to be sore. I’m most likely just going to do as many of these until I pass out. Good plan huh?

  1. Crunches

  2. Leg lifts

  3. Squats

  4. Push ups

  5. Planks

  6. Anything P90X…

Have you been working out? How’s it going? What are your goals?

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