I’m still sick and my Good Bad Ugly

I’m still sick. I’m hoping it goes away soon. I guess I’m going to the doctor today after my Christmas lunch at work. Yesterday I did pretty much nothing. I made fudge, tried to do a little Christmas shopping and slept. I just have a little more Christmas shopping to do today after work, thankfully I only have a half day today. Sorry for the lack of interesting posts this week. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon and I’ll be whipping out lots of interesting things for you guys. I have all of these ideas for posts, so be ready!

I’m definitely staying within my Christmas budget. I knocked out around 6 people last night for under $150. I just have a couple more things to get today and that will probably be around $100 or $200 also. I’m very happy with this.

We’re getting carpet soon. We called up a couple of places and of course they said they can’t help me unless I meet with them in person, why can’t they just help me over the phone or via e-mail?! I’m guessing that it will cost around $500 to $700 for our 12×15 room. Does that sound right? For both padding, carpet and installation.

The old carpet is already ripped out. We ripped out the old carpet because we were really hoping that the hardwood floor under the carpet would look nice, but it’s not. Whoever put the carpet down before we moved in put glue ALL OVER the hardwood floor and ruined it. Anyways, here’s my good, bad, ugly:


  1. Classes are over, thankfully! I feel so relaxed now.

  2. My Christmas lunch is today for work. We’re going to a nice restaurant and I’m excited!

  3. I only work Tuesday and Wednesday next week only, so it’ll be a good week.


  1. Still need to get truck stickers.

  2. Need to finish Christmas shopping today. I bet that will be scary and dangerous.

  3. My house is very dirty and we’re having Christmas dinner over here, I hate cleaning. I will have to do that this weekend.

The Ugly:

  1. I’m sick. Besides that, nothing too ugly. Of course I would be deathly ill when I actually have days off.

Also, we’ll be having Christmas dinner at our house this year like we always do, but I’m always terrified that people will hate what I eat. Hopefully I make something decent!

Do you have any holiday deserts or dishes that you love and that you would love to share with me?


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