I Need To Get Back On Track and Weekly Update

We received one more sneak photo from our photographer, and it is above. I am in LOVE with it! Some of the bridesmaids and groomsmen aren’t in the picture, but it’s still a good one 🙂

I also find it funny that there are FIVE people holding up my dress so that it wouldn’t get dirty, but in the end it still got really muddy and dirty. I still need to get it cleaned and stored away. How much does that usually cost anyway?

Wes leaves soon and he is hiking a few segments of the Colorado Trail with a friend. They plan on doing around 70 miles in one week. It will be his longest hike, and we are hoping to go back together one day and hike the whole Colorado trail together (I believe it’s around 400 miles).

My sister is also leaving soon. She is moving to Chicago. I can’t believe the day is almost here for her to leave. I am so sad! I really didn’t think I would be THIS sad, but I am. I will miss you Lexy! I’ve pretty much been raising her these past few years since my dad passed away, so it’s like seeing a child away off to college. AH! 🙁

Also, make sure to come back on Monday because I will be celebrating my 3 year blogiversary with a BIG giveaway. Can you believe it’s already been 3 years?!


Our spending has been out of control the past few months. Between the wedding, all the traveling we’ve been doing, buying hiking and camping equipment, and everything else all mixed in, we haven’t been saving as much money as we would like to be saving.

We need to get back on track with our spending: We sat down the other day and decided to put ourselves on a more strict budget. We are trying to save for a large down payment for our next home. Even though that is about two years away, we know that we need to save a decent amount. A lot of this has to do with the fact that we are fully self-employed and most banks will want us to put down a larger than usual down payment in order to qualify for a loan.

Business Income

August has started out a little slow, but this is normal. There are always weeks where it’s slower than usual and I panic, but then everything goes back to normal within the same month.

I need to get back on track with business income: Even though I am extremely grateful for the business income I have been making, my income has not really increased much since I left my day job one year ago. I feel stuck, and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I really need to start trying harder.

One new service I have been thinking about adding to my business is blog coaching. It’s something I have been asked in the past to provide (I’ve done it a few times in the past but I’ve never really advertised this service), and it’s something I pretty much do everyday for free right now. I also already do one-on-one blog coaching sessions with local St. Louis businesses, but I’ve never really done much past that. I will keep everyone updated on this! If I did provide this service, would you be interested? Blog coaching would consist of me helping you actually start your blog, helping you learn about different ways to monetize it, helping with social media, and other tasks along those lines.

Also, my friend Cat offers freelance blogger coaching services, and I highly recommend her. Check out her article on her services here! She is a very successful writer and definitely a blogger I look up to. She’s had stuff she’s written go viral so she’s the best person out there to be coaching other freelance writers.

If anyone needs any help, check out my Hire Me page and let me know what services you are interested in.

Being healthy

We’ve been doing very well with eating healthy, but not so much with working out or doing anything even somewhat active. It’s actually kind of sad. I really have no excuse for this except for the fact that I restarted LOST and I’m already on season 6.

Dang you Netflix! Even though we have all of the seasons on DVD, Netflix has made me watch this all over again.

Yes, Netflix made me.

We need to get back on track with being healthy: I’ve been doing really bad in this area as well. WHAT IS UP WITH ME LATELY?

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Have you been doing well with your income, spending and being healthy?

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