I need to work out and be healthy…

Ah it was around 70 degrees yesterday! What kind of winter weather is this? Of course I don’t really see the daylight anymore since I work 8-5, but hopefully on Saturday it will be nice still. This is going to be a long post about how I need to be healthy, in order to accomplish one of my goals.

Tonight I’m working out with the BF, some of his friends and some of my friends. I like working out by myself better, just because I can do what I want, when I want, but it’s also nice being able to talk as I work out. Don’t worry, I’m not annoying the hell out of anyone around me, I always go pretty late, and usually no one is around us.

When I don’t work out, I usually weigh between 115-118, but when I start working out, I weigh around 125 because of strength training. I don’t want scary big arms though (or big legs) because I would look super awkward. I try to do all of the different leg lifts, arm stuff, and ab stuff. Don’t you love how professional I sound? I want to have a goal of doing at least 50 crunches a day and maybe some leg stuff at home. Wish me luck!

Also, I’ve talked about this before, but the BF is trying to build up muscle and I’m trying to tone up. So this makes it difficult when we do anything. I eat a lot, but he eats A TON. He’ll have 3 or 4 Lion’s Choice sandwiches for breakfast, a big lunch, a huge dinner and then snacks all the time. And this is everyday, this is his routine. He hardly goes a day without a ton of sandwiches.

I on the other hand, am trying to eat healthy. I’m trying to cut more meat out of my diet because I feel horrible for the poor animals. Someone the other day came up to me when I was eating (I can’t remember where this was), and they told me to imagine myself killing the animal that I was eating and then they went on and on and on and on about how eating meat is horrible. I felt sick. I know what they do to chickens, cows, etc are bad, but when a stranger comes up to me and gives me details as I’m eating it, it makes me sick to think about.

I would like to be vegetarian but I’m not sure how to start. I’ve talked about in the past about how I need to eat A LOT. I have to eat a lot or I feel really dizzy and light headed and feel like I’m going to pass out. I also get really bad migraines when I don’t snack enough. I feel like I would need a lot of vegetarian food in order to make me feel full.

So my question is, is there some sort of vegetarian recipe website or anything that any of you would recommend? Or any tips or anything?

So, back to the topic of working out. I don’t think I’ve worked out since before Halloween. So many things wrong with that! I’m going on so many vacations so I need to work out (and buy cute swimsuits). I don’t really run too much when I go to the gym. I’m only wanting to tone, so I mainly do strength training. I always feel so awkward trying to do this around guys though.

I don’t want to spend money, but I also need workout clothes and shoes. My shoes are blah and they kind of hurt now when I work out in them (ok so last time I worked out was 3 months ago, but I vividly remember them hurting). I feel more comfortable and happier when I look decent. Yes I know this is probably not what a personal finance blogger should say, but I want to be happy and look good with nice clothes! What shoes do you recommend? I’m super picky and have a hard time finding a pair that I absolutely love.

I also want to run with my dog more (my smaller dog cannot go outside much). I feel like I’ve been neglecting my bigger dog. I haven’t really gone running with her too much, mainly because I feel like she will run way faster than me and everything will just be awkward. Since the weather has been nice though, I plan on running with her tomorrow.

Are one of your goals to be healthier? What are you doing to change?

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