I tried my hand at cooking a lot at once (not nearly once a month cooking)

The first picture is actually dinner that I made a couple of nights ago. The second picture is Teriyaki Chicken. The third is just salsa that I made for all of the taco ground beef that I made tonight. And the last one is soup. Everything tasted great! I usually suck at making soup, and it was actually probably the BEST soup that I have ever had.

So I didn’t just make the stuff in the pictures above, I forgot to take a lot of pictures of others things that I made. so altogether I made:

  1. 4 Ham Omlettes

  2. About 4 meals of ground beef for Tacos

  3. Salsa

  4. About 2 more meals of Teriyaki Chicken

  5. Around 5 meals of soup

  6. Honey glazed ham (I made a ton of this for dinners and also for sandwiches)

  7. 4 Burger jalepeno sliders for a quick snack

So in the end, I think I did pretty good. It took me around 2.5 hours to make everything, but I was also watching the baseball game as I was cooking, so I think that’s what took so long. I taste tested everything (ok who am I kidding? I ate a bowl of everything) and I’m really hoping it all tastes good still when it’s remade/reheated.

Now what I’m really wondering is how long this food will even last. I’m afraid the BF will just raid the fridge and eat it all tonight!

Any tips or suggestions?

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