I want LASIK

I’ve also never met a person who has said that they regretted getting it. The downtime seems very minimal and it sounds like a great way to spend a little money upfront in order to save money for pretty much the rest of your life.

It also sounds like a great way to save time, because who honestly likes to go to the eye doctor once every single year? Those are hours that I’m spending where I could be doing something else instead.

My eyesight is not good at all. I can’t see in front of me without my contact or glasses, and even walking to the bathroom after I get out of bed is near impossible!

However, my eyesight hasn’t always been bad. I actually had 20/20 vision until I was in 8th grade. And then all of a sudden in eighth grade my eyesight started to get really bad and it has been bad ever since.

My eyes are expensive!

In a couple of months, I will need both glasses and new contacts. I haven’t gotten new glasses in a quite some time (probably over 5 years), and I only have a couple months were of boxes of contacts left.

I do have health insurance paid for by my work currently, but the vision part of my insurance is not very good at all. I think it only takes $25 off, which is ridiculous. So, it’s not an actual vision plan.

I think an eye exam for contacts is around $50, and then if you bundle it with an eye glasses exam it is an extra $50 as well. Then a new pair of glasses with lenses are a couple hundred dollars as well. Then of course contacts are also super expensive. Lately, I have been able to find them online for around $100 for a full years worth of contacts, but usually they are much more expensive.

So, if I’m spending somewhere around $300 a year on contacts, eye exams, and the occasional glasses every couple of years, the costs of this over a 10 year period well exceeds the cost of LASIK.

LASIK MD lists their starting prices online and it says pricing starts at $490 per eye. You can find a LASIK MD clinic easily, so what am I waiting for?

Did you get LASIK? Why or why not?


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