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Hey everyone! Happy Friday. I’m currently in St. Thomas and most likely I am having a blast. Well, actually, I’m probably sleeping right now… I was inspired by Johnny and Joanna and their About You series, and wanted to do this on my own blog! I want to know more about YOU. I talk about myself probably a little too much on my blog, so why not switch it up?

Answer one question or answer them all 🙂

1. What is your job? Do you work full-time? Stay at home parent? Go to school? Is this your dream job?

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?

3. What are your financial goals? To retire early? Start your own business? Pay off your house?

4. How much do you spend on food per month?

5. What would you do if you had no debt? How much debt do you have?

6. What is your dream income/salary?

And here are my lovely answers:

1. I’m a full-time analyst and full-time side hustler 😉 Still unsure of what my dream job is…

2. My biggest pet peeve… Hmmmm… I have a long list: bad driving, people who don’t know the difference between “there,” “their” and “they’re”, or how about “it’s” and “its,” and so on, people who think I’m in middle school, and the list could go on for quite some time.

3. I have a lot of financial goals! I want to pay off my student loans, be financially independent and do what I love in life.

4. We spend too much… Lately we’ve been doing much, MUCH better and we are at around $700 a month for food. This includes going out to eat and drinks too though.

5. If I had absolutely no debt, I’d probably go crazy and reward myself (but not go back into debt!).

6. If my debt were gone (that includes no mortgage debt), I’m sure I could live on a small amount such as $40,000 and be perfectly happy.

#Life #QampA

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