January Goals Update and New February Goals – We FINALLY Eliminated Cable

January was another good month for us. We worked out a good amount, we ate fairly well, and it was a month full of exciting planning for our future.

Last month, we decided to put our house on the market and find a new place to live. We definitely sped up our moving timeline a decent amount, but I’m excited for all of the changes we are about to experience.

During the last week of January, we traveled to Colorado in hopes of finding a rental house. We spent a week there and found one that we really liked. I talked about that here.

We got rid of cable!

Yes, you read that right. We finally cut cable out of our lives. We are about to move, so it made the decision a little easier. I figured we wouldn’t have time to watch TV the next few weeks, so I thought this would be the perfect time to cut it out because we probably wouldn’t miss it at this time anyways.

The cable company did beg for us to stay. They offered us probably 5 or 6 different options, even putting our cable on hold for free until we decided we wanted it back again. While that was a tempting option, I knew that it just wouldn’t be worth it.

We spend way too much time watching TV, so it really wasn’t just about the money that we were wasting. In just the past week that we haven’t had cable, we have done much more than we would have ever been able to do if we would have kept it turned on.

I think this is a decision we will never regret.

January Goals Update

  1. Work out! PASS. We did well with this but slacked off a little towards the end of the month since we went on a last second trip to find a rental.

  2. Work ahead on MakingSenseofCents posts. PASS. I am still doing well with this! It’s nice being a little ahead with blog posts, especially when things get a little hectic, such as with our move in just a few weeks.

  3. Successfully lead a 5.10b at the rock climbing gym. PASS. Lead climbing at the gym is still something I need to stop being afraid of. I’m getting better with my fear of falling to my death though. 🙂

  4. Create a plan to get our house ready for sale. PASS. We made major progress with this. We made a complete plan, we had our realtor over, we have already started painting the whole house, we’re almost done packing, and we had a contractor over to fix a bunch of things. Also, we have a company coming over next week to replace our garage door (we had the consultation last week). I feel stupid for not doing all of these things before because now we actually love our house!

  5. Declutter. PASS. We’ve donated a ton of things in the past week. We also rented a dumpster last week and threw away a bunch of items. I cannot believe how much we decluttered. It feels so nice to have it done.

  6. Spend less than $100 eating out. FAIL. As I discussed the other day, we failed at this goal. We actually spent $169 on restaurants last month.

February Goals

  1. Work out! This will be a hard goal for me since we are preparing to sell our house, we are moving into another house over 1,000 miles away, I want to hang out with my friends as much as possible before I leave, and I still have to find time to work. I don’t know how much working out I will get in, but I at least want to make an effort.

  2. Work ahead on MakingSenseofCents posts. This is still one of my goals. I have heard of other bloggers being months ahead with their blog posts, and I would love to be at that point one day.

  3. Finish preparing our house for sale. We are trying really hard to have our house ready to be put on the market by the end of February. We are on track, so I just hope we stay on track.

  4. Move away. I hope to have a safe and as stress-free of a move as possible. I am going to miss all of my friends, so this will be truly hard to do. I have tears in my eyes right now just thinking about leaving them! I know this is a somewhat normal life event to move away from those that you love, but I’ve had the same group of great friends for almost a whole decade now. I hope I can manage the distance!

What amazing things are going on in your life? How did you do in January? What is your main goal for February?

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