Learning How To Create Passive Income Online

Over the past few years, if you haven’t been hiding under a rock you will have witnessed the rise of the digital age overtaking the lives of children, teens & adults globally. From iPads, APPS, mobile devices and social media, everywhere we look, this new wave of technology is consuming our everyday actions and attention.

As unique and amazing as the internet is, a lot of us use it to benefit the smaller mundane parts of our lives. If you are unaware of how to leverage the internet world to benefit your bank account, then hold onto your laptop because I will expose how a complete newbie can take advantage of it today.

To begin with there is more than one way to leverage the internet and use it to gain prosperity without questioning your authenticity or values (spamming the heck out of people’s inboxes!).

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The benefits of being online is the lifestyle that comes along with it. As a full-time mother and digitalpreneur I have found balance in what I could never have thought was possible. A traditional business requires so much more investment (time and financial) than an online business and the perks of being online really does have a landslide of advantages.

I have found that the biggest benefit has been the balance of time with my children. I work when they are asleep or at school, I don’t feel pressured to watch my emails or marketing and know that I have a global customer base that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Keeping it active especially when I’m not.

Here are three basic ways to leverage the online world.


Yes, I’m guessing you’ve heard this one and felt that you can’t provide value in a specific topic or niche or that you don’t know how to start one but have the passion and value to give. Either way, this is how people are creating an income from it.

Example: You create a pretty snazzy website, add amazing, high valued content and drive great, high targeted traffic to your site.

Advertisers see that you are popular within their targeted audience and approach you to add an advertising banner to your site, promoting their product. You charge a price and wallah, you just got paid. Add another 10 advertisers to that 1 and your bringing in some decent income. Alternatively, if you have a list of subscribers that trust you & the products you recommend, you may also suggest or promote products with a commission based deal from the advertisers.

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Selling Your Own Product

This is where a lot of professionals are heading, online. If you have built a career offline and have decided to role it into a virtual product and sell it online, it’s probably the smartest marketing move you will make. You now have a global audience, open to take sales 24/7 and can communicate via video if consulting is needed amongst other virtual ways (emails etc.).

Obviously there is a lot of hard work creating a high valued product that people want to purchase plus knowing how to market it on the right channels, in front of the right audience.

No Product, Experience or Savvy Technical Skills

Did you know that you can become a reseller of products online? It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

You do not have to have your own product as mentioned above, you do not need to worry about refunds, sales, complaints etc. You have the same benefits too, no geographical barriers, open 24/7, global market and the list goes on. Marketing other businesses products online is as simple as this, choose a product, find the target audience, where they are virtually hanging out (Example: Facebook, Websites, Forums etc.) and market the product there.

All I recommend, is the right education to market products effectively and efficiently. You can absolutely make a smashing income by reselling high value, high or low priced products that have the extraordinary value to the consumer without giving yourself a restless or guilty night’s sleep. There are thousands of products online to resell, some that give you up to 50% commissions too.

These three options are some of many ways that you can earn an income online. It will always come down to educating oneself to enhance your market value and scope. Each individual whether you have a degree or not, product or lack experience CAN leverage this economy and all it has to offer. This new era of digital craziness will not slow down and is most definitely not a fad.

Empowering yourself with the right knowledge and support will always help you conquer the start-ups of these endeavours but it is not impossible for the complete newbie to take control of it.

Written by Violet. Founder of OnlineMummies.com. To find out more about affiliate marketing and passive income, click here now for more information.

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