Life and Income Updates… 12/26/2011

I’m off today! So nice. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Sorry for the lack of interesting posts last week. I was just feeling so sick (as you all know). I never ended up going to the doctor but I still have a sore throat and can’t really talk still, but I feel fine. But now it’s time to start thinking of NYE! I’m so excited.

We didn’t end up having a Christmas dinner for friends at our house on Friday, everyone had different plans and I didn’t even realize that everyone wanted it to be on Friday until a couple of days before hand. And I was too sick to do anything so I told them I couldn’t.

Family: My mom never said Merry Christmas to me, even though I tried calling her. She was out of town (don’t even want to talk about that right now), so me and the BF went over to my mom’s and kept my sister company since she was pretty upset.

The BF’s grandma is doing much better by the way. Thanks everyone for your kind and caring thoughts last week. She still isn’t doing the greatest, but she has definitely pulled through.

Extra Monthly Income/GC update: My Swagbucks have been slow still, but oh well. Sold another text book too, this one wasn’t at a profit thought. I bought it for $128 at the beginning of the semester and sold it at $100. Still pretty good in my book though.

The BF missed a couple of days last week because of his grandma, but of course there’s nothing wrong that. His work actually gave him trouble for missing though and one of his supervisors said “I thought when you sign up for extra hours, that you would actually work them.” And he said this in general to everyone, but definitely directed it at the BF.

He’s still making a couple hundred extra dollars a week and we’re still on track for our couple extra thousand this month. And on to the next thing:

Christmas bonus: This was pretty exciting this year. I got a $100 spa certificate, and around $100 in other gift cards, lotions, VS lip glosses, and a…

$6,100 bonus!

I’m so excited about this! I still haven’t decided exactly what I plan on doing with this.

Volunteer work: My volunteering starts soon! I’m excited. Not exactly sure what kind of clothes I need, so I need to look into that.

How’s everything going for you?



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