Life Update And Travel Pictures

Time for another life, goals, and food budget update. I can’t believe it’s already been two months since I last did a life update.

Life has been excellent the past two months.

We are starting to get used to the RV lifestyle, working on the road is going well, we’ve been spending tons of quality time with friends and family, and more.

Continue reading below for my life update and October goals.

RV life.

We’ve done a lot of traveling ever since we bought an RV. We’ve gone to Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, numerous places in Colorado, back home to Missouri (several times!), visited Wes’s family near Memphis, Charlotte for FinCon, and more.

RV life has been great and I’m so happy that it allows us to see so many places comfortably. We are even thinking about living in our RV full-time – more on that to come in a future post.

One RV-related purchase we made is that we recently bought a paddle board. It’s something we’ve been wanting for awhile and we’ve already used it many, many times.

We are fully settled into our Fruita, Colorado home.

While we haven’t been home much (due to buying the RV), we are fully settled into our home in Colorado. We sold our house in Missouri back in July and we are extremely happy to no longer own a house so far away.

We still don’t know where we want to be next year, but it’s nice knowing that all of our stuff is in one location.

We used UPack again for our move. We used them when we first moved to Colorado and the move was so easy that we decided to use them again to bring over the rest of our stuff after the home sale.

I was able to partner with UPack for our long-distance move, which made it even better, but overall I just love UPack’s services and I know we will use them again for our next move in 2016.

Some of the benefits of using UPack include:

  1. They do all the driving for you. We are extremely happy that we didn’t have to drive a large moving truck through the mountain passes in Colorado!

  2. After factoring in gas, overnight stays, a rental truck and more, UPack is often times very similar in cost to a rental truck.

  3. Their customer service is great and they are very organized.

Our food budget.

We have been doing very well with our food budget ever since buying the RV. We are eating in more than ever. Plus, for most of September we stayed in driveways while visiting friends and family and this led to many delicious home cooked meals.

Recent goals.

  1. Be healthy! PASS. I have been doing well with both working out and eating healthy. Working out has been a little tough since being in Missouri and Mississippi because of the extremely hot weather, but I have been doing some stuff!

  2. Get one month ahead on Making Sense of Cents posts. PASS. I’m around three weeks ahead and I am proud that I’m this far. Working ahead has been great!

  3. Churn another credit card. PASS. I churned one other credit card since my last life update. Highly recommend doing the same if you are good with credit cards!

Goals for the next few months.

  1. Be healthy! This will always be a goal of mine.

  2. Get one month ahead on Making Sense of Cents posts. This is still a goal of mine. It’s been very nice working ahead because it means I can enjoy other things without feeling rushed to complete anything.

  3. Decide where we will live in 2016. This is a big decision!

  4. Enjoy the holidays. Okay, so my goals for the next few months really aren’t that serious. Oh well! I love the holidays so I’m fine with being a little lazier than usual and enjoying them.

What great things are going on in your life? How did you do in September? What is your main goal for October and the rest of 2015?

Below are pictures (all from my Instagram) from our new home and recent trips.

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