Life updates and Pinterest and everything else

I’m extremely addicted to Pinterest. That salad above looks great, that dog costume is hilarious, and I REALLY want those boots, but they are so expensive. And I really want to go shopping but I’m trying so hard not to. I really wish that I would have never looked at Pinterest. I’m wasting SO MUCH TIME!

Anyways, life is good. We ate out a little too much this week but we didn’t go to crazy. I switched more money to savings this week so that I don’t have so much “fluff” in my bank account (and so that I’m not tempted to spend more money since it’s in the checking account. So right now the bank account is a little lighter than I like (around $800). I don’t know why this worries me so much, but it does. I know $800 will last me until I get paid next week, but it still scares me. Anyone else like this?

I also got everything straightened out with my professor who gave me a ZERO on my mid-term. She claimed it was an accident and that it was her assistant’s fault. I don’t know if I believe her. If she’s telling the truth, then I want to find out who her assistant is because I actually got a 95%, so this must mean that her assistant must know who I am and this person must hate me.

How’s everyone else’s life going? I hope everyone’s having a good weekend!

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