Loans and a Nurse’s Budget

I always like help readers out, but I am not expert/professional, so that’s why I always enjoy publishing my reader question posts.

As teachers would always say in school “if one person has a question, multiple people most likely are wondering the same.” I know what it’s like to have a lot of student loan debt and feel as though you are stuck and extremely stressed.

Yes, I am out of student loan debt now, but it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten what it feels like. The stress can be unbearable. And when you look at your overall debt number, it can seem impossible.

Getting help from others, such as all of you who will hopefully comment, can be a lifesaver. I prefer to learn from others and what others have done, so hopefully everyone can help out!

“Hi Michelle!

I’m a huge fan of your blog and read it religiously – I always appreciate the topics that you choose to write about, as well as the advice that you give your readers. I used to work at a local credit union and became completely obsessed with my finances and saving money. Unfortunately, after completing my nursing degree, I fell of the savings-bandwagon and am in debt with student loans, a maxed out credit card, and a personal loan.

I need some serious help with a budget, as well as advice on what I can do to make more money (as a new Licensed Practical Nurse, I don’t make very much hourly). I have the motivation, but not sure where to start!

Thank you”

“Do you have a lot of free time? I would definitely suggest trying to find ways to make extra income. This can be writing online for websites, working at a retail store, babysitting and so on. So many people who are looking to get out of debt find jobs like these. The lack of free time might get annoying, but once you get out of debt you will be so much more relieved!”

She replied and said that she wants to get out of debt badly and that she has a good amount of free time. Her nursing hours are usually from 830-5 and she doesn’t work on the weekends.

Since she has so much free time on her hands and is already a licensed nurse, I also recommended that she get her Master of Science in Nursing degree from a reputable online university. Having this Master Degree in Nursing will give her more responsibility on the job, which is sure to lead to a promotion and a higher level of income. I informed her that she could attend an online university in her spare time, so she could continue to work her current nursing job until she had completed her degree.

If anyone wants to help her in regards to budgeting, making more money, eliminating her loans and so on, please chime in.

I asked her to reply to comments as well (anonymously), so if you have any questions for her, please ask below.

Help this lovely reader now! Thanks 🙂

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