Looking forward to the Bank Statement

Astra from A Journey to a Dream is posting for me today. She has a wonderful blog (which you better check out!) and she was too too kind in taking my offer to post. Thanks girl! I’ll let her take it away now.

I’m looking forward to the bank statement!

I know it’s crazy right? But it’s true. When you’re on a mission to save for a dream and you’re working so hard, saving hard then the new bank statement is your monthly reward in a way. It makes it all worthwhile when you see you’ve reached your target, that all the effort you’re putting in is really getting you closer to your real life goals. There isn’t a shortcut that you can take, we know that for our dream lifestyle we have got to work hard now and save a lot of money.

Some people wouldn’t understand that, they say things like “life’s too short” and “spend it while you can”. First of all, life is the longest thing any of us will ever experience so its not that short! There is plenty of time to do everything you want to do, you just have to plan and make it happen. I’ve always worked on a simple system 1. figure out exactly what you want 2. figure out what you need to do to achieve it 3. do those things.

I think John Maxwell puts it even better.

“dreams don’t work unless you do.” – John C Maxwell

Second of all unless you plan on dying soon or becoming incapacitated (a very negative outlook!) then you will have time to spend it. But that’s not really my issue with the second comment its more that what those people who dismiss saving, spend their money on is so often not what they truly want. I am not being judgmental here because if you really want Sky/cable TV, that 3rd new pair of shoes this month and that new car then go for it, I’m all about making yourself happy.

But if those things are not what you really want, if you really want and what’s going to make you truly happy is to do an around the world adventure or own your own house and your just buying those things because they’re easy and you don’t think you could reach your bigger goals then I’m telling you you can! You really can.

I’m on track to accomplish everything I’ve ever wanted, and its not because we’re rich (we’re really not LOL) we don’t earn a lot of money (especially by American and Australian standards, you guys would be shocked!) but we’re careful with what we get, we plan, budget and when we do splash out its on things we really want and will never regret like having our dream wedding and honeymoon and expensive green and blacks chocolate! By living like this we’ll have our dream home and lifestyle so soon and we’ll be living our debt free dream by the time I’m 35.

It also doesn’t have to be a boring joyless journey until you get there and are rewarded. The journey to your dream will be a satisfying, fun and challenging journey that will teach you things about yourself you never knew. When you’re dedicated to achieving a BIG dream then all the baby steps towards it give you a huge sense of achievement and dare I say it make you happier than Sky/cable TV…

Come look around my blog and you’ll see how much fun we have without spending, how happy I am, on a journey to a dream 🙂 Check out Astra from A Journey to a Dream’s blog! Thanks for your wonderful guest post. You have a very good outlook! And I know what you mean, when I see the numbers go up and see that I’m on task, I feel very good!

What are you guys saving for? Looking forward to your bank statement in the same way she does?


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