Made $75 selling a few items, HBO popped up on cable, and made dinner

I went through mt closet last night and found some things that I could part with. It hurt though, I HATE getting rid of clothes! But I decided that if I hadn’t worn it in 2 years, that it was probably time for it to be gone. I just brought it to Plato’s Closet and made $75, they took everything I brought in, so that was nice also.

Have you ever tried selling your stuff? How did that work out?

As many of you know, I cut HBO and other movie channels out of my cable package around 1 or 2 months ago. This has been very hard and me and the BF decided we were going to add it all back. Surprisingly, we turned on the TV the other day and we had all of the HBO channels and around 30 other channels that we didn’t have before, and we didn’t even pay for it! I hope the cable company keeps making their mistake. I’m glad I didn’t call the other day.

Last night I made chili and sandwiches. It was very tasty!

Also take a look at these different grilled cheese ideas. They look good.

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