Making The Decision To Leave Your Job

Hey everyone! I hope all of you had a great weekend. Lately, I have been answering questions that readers have been asking me. The other day I published Financial Changes When You Work For Yourself because many people have asked me how self-employment is financially different from working for someone else.

Surprisingly, many people I have talked to in person think that self-employment means that you are retired. Oh boy are they wrong!

I have been asked by several people whether I am happy with my decision to leave my job, and how I even knew that I should leave it. I definitely think that people should either go for their passion, or go for a job that allows them to pursue their passion in some form.

I’m not saying that everyone should go into work this week and quit their jobs. However, most of us have had a job though that we were not in love with. I recently read that around 30% of workers do not like their job. Also, around 75% of workers would actually LEAVE their job if they received a better offer from another company. That seems like a lot of people!

There are some things that you should ask yourself if you think that you may want to leave your job.

Why do you want to leave your job?

Almost everyone at one point in their life has dreaded Monday morning (or whenever the first day of the work week is for you). No matter how much you love your job, I’m sure there has been at least one point where you would rather be doing something else (such as sleeping in).

Do you actually want to leave your job, or are you just going through what most people go through after they work somewhere for a long time?

Do you see a future with your current job?

Not everyone wants to become CEO of a company when they are older, but do you see your job/company giving you the future that you want? Whatever your dream is, will your job allow for that?

Maybe you want a dream position at a certain company. Can you eventually reach this position or is that impossible at your current company? This is a case where you might want to look for a company where you may be able to reach your dream position.

Maybe you want to start a family, and your current job means that you won’t be able to have a good work-life balance.

Maybe you want to travel the world, but your job doesn’t allow for any vacation time.

Do you have realistic expectations of what you plan on switching to?

When you first think about leaving your job, you may have hopes for something better. However, that may not always be the case. What will you be switching to? How will you make an income? How do you not know that your next company/job/boss/colleagues may not be just as worse?

If you weren’t afraid, what would you want to be doing?

One of the top reasons for why a person doesn’t leave the job they hate to pursue what they want to do is because they are afraid.

They are afraid to fail, afraid to not love it, afraid to let others down, afraid to not make enough money and so on.

Fact is, you will probably be scared leaving your job. You will be scared to do whatever is next in your life. However, create as solid of a plan as you can, and believe in yourself.

Do you have another job lined up?

If you want to leave your job, then you might want to have another job lined up if you don’t have a well-funded emergency fund. Yes, there may be some instances where leaving your job cannot wait another day, but you should be as prepared as you can before you leave your job.

If you want to start your own business, could you start it and keep the job you have?

If you can, try to pursue your next position or business on the side to see if it is even possible. This can give you a good taste as to whether or not you think your “passion” is actually your passion. You might find out that you actually hate it and you might want to just stay at your day job.

This way you don’t lose out on any income, and you get to keep your job.

Have you made an action plan to leave your job and pursue your passion? Why or why not?

What would you do if you could leave your job?

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