March Goals Update, New April Goals And A Food Budget Update

March was another great month.

We are still enjoying our new home in Colorado. The weather has been perfect here, with nearly every single day being in the mid-70s. It’s also been sunny every day and I think it’s only rained once or twice. It’s been wonderful!

Our house is still for sale in Missouri.

It hasn’t sold yet, but we did decide to drop the price a little. The house is for sale for less than what we originally bought it for, which stinks but we’re hoping it sells quickly. We have had several showings in the past month so I’m hoping something eventually happens!

Our food budget.

We did better with our March food budget. Much better than how we did in February!

I will be honest, I didn’t keep close track of how much money we spent on food last month. I do believe we spent somewhere around $500 on everything food-related though.

We still went out to eat far too many times, but we’ve been eating relatively cheaply whenever we do go out to eat.

For example: This awesome pizza place down the street from our house sells HUGE pizza slices for just $2.50, so it’s been hard to say no to that when the pizza slice is bigger than my face. And it tastes delicious. Not healthy, but very good after a tiring day hiking or climbing. If you are ever in the Fruita, Colorado area, I highly recommend Hot Tomato!

Even with how much we have been eating out, we have been doing well with our food budget. With our mission to eat healthier, we have been able to save a decent amount of money. We are not buying as much processed food, junk food, and so on, and that has really helped lower our food budget.

March Goals Update

  1. Work out! PASS. Moving to Colorado has been the best thing ever for us. We are more active than we have ever been. We have been rock climbing every other day (both indoors and outdoors), we have been hiking on our “off” days, and I have been doing a 3 mile dog walk every single day.

  2. Work ahead on Making Sense of Cents posts. PASS. I’m not too far ahead with blog posts, but I am around two weeks ahead. I am extremely happy with this!

  3. Finish our taxes. PASS. Taxes are finally done! I submitted our tax return last week. I ended up owing a tiny bit more than what I submitted for my estimated taxes but it wasn’t too bad.

  4. Find health insurance. PASS.We found health insurance! Health insurance is slightly more expensive in Colorado than Missouri, but their catastrophic plans are actually a little better. We now have a much lower deductible than what we had before (it’s still high though!).

  5. Make required home inspection changes to our house. PASS. We hired someone to complete this since we are so far away.

April Goals

  1. Work out! This will be on my goals list for awhile as it’s a great motivator to see it here each month.

  2. Work ahead on Making Sense of Cents posts. I would like to be at least one month ahead. It just makes life so much easier to have everything planned out and not feeling like I’m drawing a blank whenever I do decide to sit down and write. I have tons of ideas ready, I just need to sit down and start drafting them before I forget.

  3. Make travel plans. I have quite a few things to make plans for this year. I have to go back to St. Louis a few times, Charlotte for FinCon, and a few other places. The airport where we live is very small and the prices are very high, so some planning needs to be done.

What great things are going on in your life? How did you do in March? What is your main goal for April?

Below are pictures (all from my phone, sorry) from our new area that I took recently.

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