Monday Meal Plan

I’ve been loving having a weekly meal plan. It’s still working great. We don’t follow it exactly, but we are still pretty much using the same ingredients for similar meals. However, we have been pretty boring with our ideas. I’m kind of running out of new things to make. Leave any recipes that you have for me here please!

Here’s what I plan on making as our main course for each dinner:

  1. Monday – Baked Parmesan Spaghetti

  2. Tuesday – Tacos or Fajitas

  3. Wednesday -Burgers

  4. Thursday – Lemon chicken

  5. Friday – Out for dinner

  6. Saturday – Out for dinner

  7. Sunday – Most likely out for dinner again since it’s a girls day and we’re doing wedding things

What’s on your menu?

I’m also hoping to make this!


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