Monday Meal Plan

Meal planning is still going good for us! I don’t have to much this week, just bread and milk because I did way too much grocery shopping last week.

Here’s what I plan on making as our main course for each dinner:

  1. Monday – Lemon Chicken – this is pretty much a weekly staple in our house. I’m getting sick of it, but the BF still loves it.

  2. Tuesday – Pizza – I’m really loving making different pizza! BBQ chicken maybe?

  3. Wednesday – Teriyaki Chicken – another staple in our house

  4. Thursday – White Chicken Lasagna or Florentine Lasagna

  5. Friday – Out for dinner

  6. Saturday – Spaghetti – The BF hates spaghetti, but I LOVE it.

What’s on your menu? I’m always looking for ideas!

I’m also hoping to make this!

Update: A lot of you e-mailed me for the directions for the Lemon Chicken! It’s pretty simple. I just make it from the top of my head, but I found a similar recipe here. It’s tasty!

P.S. I have a guest post over at From Shopping to Saving. Check it out!


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