More family stuff and some updates

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Not too much planned here. I just wanted to update everyone on my life in the past week, since a lot has happened so far. This post is going to be just a bunch of random stuff that I want to talk to you guys about. I have work today (of course) and then I’m going out for a friend’s birthday.

I’m feeling a little weird about going out tonight, I’m going to make a post on what happened to me last weekend (sorry guys, you will have to live in suspense until I type it up). I know last weekend I said I had fun (and I did) but something very scary happened to me.

Just to keep it short, I was the victim of a random attack (after the bar) where I was pulled out of my car, choked and got beat up. I swear I am not lying. I had to file a police report and everything and was told that it’s second degree assault. I was not hurt surprisingly though. Luckily my best friend’s BF is a cop and he was at a bar closeby and came and helped. However, I was choked for so long though that I passed out and it took multiple people to get the person off of me.

Sorry sorry sorry but I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about it completely yet (even though I do blog anonymously, I don’t want to chance it and ruin anything with the report). I’m hoping that soon I will be able to talk about what happened. The BF won’t let me drive to the bar tonight, he’s dropping me off and picking me up with all of his friends (because they are all very upset about what happened to me) and they all want to make sure that nothing happens again. I’m glad the BF and his friends care so much. He doesn’t want me to go out tonight (he begged me not to, but it’s my friend’s birthday), but I honestly just want to forget about it and move on. And I’m fine now, I didn’t have any bruises, I was just caught extremely off guard when it happened.

The police officers that I talked to said that hopefully they can get the person’s license plate number from the parking garage security cameras, but they don’t know. I should be finding out soon. I got my neck swabbed for DNA, but I really doubt they will find the people who did this.

This is definitely one of those moments that I’m glad that I have a blog. I haven’t told many people that I personally know about what happened to me last weekend, because honestly, I am very pissed off about the whole situation. And I also don’t want close friends/family to be upset. But it’s nice being able to tell you guys about it.

Good news though, my mom got a job! Many of you already know about my family situation, and my mom hasn’t had a job in forever. After my dad passed, she also then had some health problems, and hasn’t had a job since. She recently started looking, and found one yesterday. Thank god.

And I’m sure you guys have noticed, but I have recently started monetizing from my blog. I promise I don’t just blog for the money, I honestly love reading everyone’s blogs and sharing my life with you guys. The only things you all have probably noticed are the sponsored posts lately, please ignore these. With this extra income, I feel much more stress free now because I’m not freaking out about my student loans as much, thankfully. What’s your opinion on blog advertising?

I have a guest post today up too over here! Please check it out. I was also thinking about taking some volunteers for guest posts. I would like to have some guest posts since I’ll be pretty busy this semester with classes, so I was thinking maybe a couple of guests posts per month? Is anyone interested? Either email me or post here. Of course I would like the post to somewhat relate to my blog (Money, budgets, DIY, recipes, budget fashion, etc), just let me know your idea!

Have a great weekend everyone! Sorry about the not fun post today.


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