Moving Back Home After College?

Last week I was asked to share a very interesting graphic with my readers. While I was lucky and was able to find a job right after I graduated and still have that same job today, not everyone is as lucky.

Most of my friends were able to find great jobs soon after graduating, but that is mainly due to the better economy of where I live (Midwest). I of course know that there are other areas which aren’t as lucky.

However, I did graduate with a ton of student loan debt. A lot of that could have been eliminated or non existent if I would’ve lived at home, gone to a cheaper undergraduate school and a cheaper graduate school and so on and so on. However, I couldn’t have lived at home. I moved out at 18 (a day after I graduated from high school) and my dad passed away when I was 18, so I had no where to go even if I did want to move back home.

However, I don’t regret a thing. Why did you chose the things that you chose when it came to your education?

I’m not going to lie, I think the graphic is a little negative. I think it makes going to college sound a little worse than it actually is. I’ve never thought of college as negative, but I do realize that some do.

Also, I’ve been getting flack lately because some say I only post about the positives of everything, and that I’m not realistic enough. Well here you go! 🙂 I do think everything in the graphic is very interesting though.

Did you move back home after college? Why or why not?

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