My Decluttering Mission – I’m a Closet Slob

My closet is a disaster zone.

That is why one of my goals for January of 2015 is to declutter my closet.

It is a scary thing to see right now. Currently, I slam the door shut whenever Wes is about to walk past my closet, as I know he will be absolutely horrified if he were to take a look into my closet. In case you are wondering, my closet is not in our bedroom, it’s in the hallway as our house has a weird large closet in the middle of the house.

I want to declutter my closet for many reasons.

One, we plan on putting our home on the market in a couple of months, and no sane home buyer is going to walk into my closet and want to buy this house.

Two, when we eventually do move, I don’t want to deal with this mess and be forced to bring it all with us. Instead, I want to have the least amount of things possible in order to make the move a little easier.

Below are some of the things I plan on doing in order to successfully declutter my closet. If you are wanting to learn how to declutter your closet as well, I recommend you read the rest of this post and take part in my decluttering challenge!

I’m not going to be sympathetic towards my clothing.

One thing I am guilty of is constantly saying “Oh, but I will wear this one day!”

Nope, nope, nope.

When I go through my closet and declutter this time around, I will not be sympathetic towards my clothing. I’m going to get rid of anything and everything that I know I will not wear.

No excuses this time around!

Around one year ago I started flipping hangers around so that I knew for a fact what I was wearing and what I was not. Well, there are a TON of items in my closet that I haven’t touched in forever, so I just need to get rid of them.

I’m going to have a donate, keep, sell, and throwaway pile.

I started doing this a little bit already, and I already sold $59 worth of clothing just the other day. I don’t know if I have much else to sell, but I do have a huge donate pile and a massive throwaway pile.

You are probably wondering “But what are you throwing away?”

Trust me, I have a TON of garbage in my closet that I need to throw away. I have shoe boxes, shopping bags, things that have broke around our house, and more all just hanging out in my closet. I am not sure why I kept all of this garbage but that is what a lot of my closet consists of.

This is one of my important decluttering tips. You should have multiple piles so that you can organize everything. Once it’s in a pile, don’t look at the item again!

Here are some of the other actions I plan on taking in order to declutter my closet:

  1. If I add something to my closet, then I need to get rid of something as well. If one thing goes in, then one must leave! I don’t think this will be much of a problem though as I have somewhat of a clothing ban in place.

  2. I need to organize everything in my closet once I am done decluttering. Everything for the most part is just folded or placed in random piles that don’t really make any sense.

Do you have a decluttering goal for 2015? What decluttering tips do you have for me?

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