My Laziness Has Saved Me Money

Now, that may seem crazy, but it’s true.

Yes, I’m telling the truth!

Your laziness may prevent you from spending money in certain areas, it may help you decide that you no longer need an item, and more.

Below are several ways my laziness has saved me money. I’ve read through my reasons a few times for why I think laziness is one of the easiest ways to save money, and I realize I probably sound a tad crazy. But, at least it saves me money! 🙂

I’m too lazy to drive.

Despite living in an RV, I’m not a huge fan of driving anywhere and that will probably be a reoccurring theme in today’s blog post.

Since I don’t like driving, I combine as many errands as I can into one trip. This limits the shopping I do because I don’t want to be out all day long, haha.

My husband and I often joke that if it weren’t for him, I would never leave home. Ha! I love doing things, but sometimes my laziness takes over!

I’m too lazy to go shopping.

This is a huge difference from just a few years ago when I wasn’t very smart and wasted thousands of dollars on clothing.

Before, I could go to the store and browse for hours, whereas nowadays, that just never happens.

Part of it is because I’m too lazy to drive all the way to the store (we live in the RV so malls and stores tend to not be close to the campgrounds we are at) and also because I don’t feel like browsing around for hours.

Take where we’re at right now for an example: The mall is about 1.5 hours roundtrip from where our RV is, so shopping isn’t at the top of my list.

With hardly ever going to the store, I hardly ever buy things for myself. This helps me save money and prevent clutter.

This has also helped me delay purchasing certain items I thought I “needed.” By thinking about a potential purchase for a longer period of time, I have come to realize I don’t need a lot of the things I once thought I needed.

I’m too lazy to get my hair cut.

Okay, this is one that may need to change. My hair is now extremely long and while it still is somewhat healthy, I do need a trim, at the very least. I haven’t had a haircut in over a year.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that I love my hairstylist in St. Louis, and I’m too afraid to switch to someone new. I’m going back in May, so I’ll definitely make an appointment with her when I’m there!

I’m too lazy to have a gym membership.

This has partly to do with how I don’t like to drive, but I also don’t like to drive in order to get in a workout.

There are many ways to exercise for free. Living in an RV definitely helps because I can exercise in new and awesome places all the time. We like to park our RV in places with immediate access to trails, and having that option is really awesome.

In fact, right now we are at an RV park that backs up to a state park, which backs up to a national park. Can’t beat that! From this spot, we are able to go hiking, mountain biking, road biking, and more.

I’m too lazy to get my nails done professionally.

According to Wisebread, the average woman who gets manicures and pedicures does so every two weeks, with an average cost of over $1,300 per year.

I’ve only had my nails done professionally less than a handful of times. But, my nails are always done, because I always do them myself.

It takes way less time and is super affordable.

Has your laziness ever helped you save money? What are other easy ways to save money?


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