My Minimalist Confessions – I’m Not Always a Minimalist

I love being a minimalist. I love the freedom it gives me, and the financial power.

Over the years I’ve extended my minimalism lifestyle to most areas of my life. From my wardrobe, to my furniture, to my book collection, I’ve been slowly and surely trimming away unnecessary items in my life for years now.

The result is that I can live comfortably with my spouse in a 400 sq. ft. house (if you’re interested in something even crazier, I recommend you read I Live in a 175 Square Foot Tiny Home – Sailboat Living), which helps us save all kinds of money.

There are some parts of my life, however, that minimalism hasn’t touched. In fact, there are some things I still love to have a large collection of and it makes my minimalist lifestyle almost non-existent. I know that, in these areas of my life, minimalism has failed spectacularly, but I’m ok with that.

Here are my minimalism fails:

Workout gear is a minimalist living fail for me.

I wouldn’t say I have a huge collection of work out gear, but I definitely have more than I need. I love to work out but I’m not naturally athletic, so being active can be a challenge for me.

To help combat this, I’ve collected a large selection of high quality work out gear. I definitely don’t need as much as I have, but I love adding to this collection, filling gaps here and there and keeping an eye out for the perfect piece that will make my runs that much more comfortable.

There are lots of women out there who have several times the clothing I do, so I don’t think I’m hoarding clothing by any stretch of the imagination.

Camping gear is not an area where I am a minimalist.

Camping, in itself, is extremely anti-minimalism. Having a large collection of camping gear that I get to use, at most three or four times a year (it’s usually closer to two) is such a waste of space and resources. The space needed to store this gear could be put towards something I’d get a lot more use out of, as could the funds required to maintain the gear!

Then there’s the sheer superfluous nature of camping. I have chairs that are just for camping, along with plates, forks, knives, a small BBQ, a cooler, tons of stuff that I already own, but have separate specific stuff just for camping.

I don’t mind though. I love camping and having this large bunch of equipment taking up space in my garage is totally worth it.

DVDs and Records

Ok, this isn’t my collection, and if I had my way it wouldn’t exist, but my fiance loves to collect DVDs of his favourite movies and vinyl records for our record player. He’s a film major, and some of his favourite movies he’ll literally watch over and over. So, for those particular movies (or TV shows) he’ll buy the actual DVD instead of just watching it on Netflix.

His collection is a reasonable size, and he doesn’t spend much money on it every year, so I don’t complain too much.

While minimalism has helped me so much to get where I am today, it hasn’t completely permeated my life. I still like to have a few small collections, that I get a lot of joy and use out of. I don’t feel guilty about these collections, because they don’t take up too much space, and they aren’t hindering my lifestyle. I’m not one of those hard-core minimalists who try to live on 100 items or less. I like my stuff, I just don’t need much of it to be happy.

Do you have any collections or hobbies that require a lot of stuff?

Are you a minimalist?

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