My Plan to eat In Everyday

I’ve noticed that other bloggers have made a goal to eat in everyday, and I’m going to try the same, except I’m going to modify it a bit. I can’t control my BF’s Lion’s Choice daily habit, so that little bit will be excluded. My goal is to make dinner every day. As some of you know, this is kind of a hard task, as I don’t get out of class some nights until 10pm, and don’t make it home until around an hour after that. The BF gets off work around the same time though, so it’ll be like it’s dinner time for the both of us.

But at around 10pm, I’m usually very drained from my 16 hour days. I’ll try and share with everyone what I make everyday, including pictures and recipes. Last night I made salad, steak, stuffed green peppers and pineapple upside down cake for dessert. The stuffed green peppers were Stephanie’s idea and they turned out great! I wish I would have taken pictures as I am very proud of myself.

The pictures that I take may not be the greatest though. I am not a great cook and have little patience for cooking! If you have any ideas for dinner for us, let me know!

Also, as I said earlier, I’m changing up the background and the layout of the blog today, sorry about that. Let me know what you like and don’t like please!

#Dinner #Frugal

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