My Thursday and Friday Life Story…

It’s been a busy couple of days! I know I said that I would be making an Apple Tart, but I didn’t. I tried a couple of nights ago and did a practice run, and it didn’t look good at all. It was pretty scary looking. So I just made a normal apple pie instead. It was good! Everyone who tried it liked it so I’m happy.

And Thanksgiving was great with his family. A TON of people came. More than usual it seemed like. Maybe around 100-125 people at least. Lots of fun and his family is seriously the greatest. It’s so nice that he has such a wonderful and big family because I’m not used to that at all.

I know this is what you are all waiting for (obviously it’s very serious! I’m joking…) but we tried Black Friday shopping again. And I hated it. We left Thanksgiving dinner kind of late so we weren’t able to wait in the lines early enough (not that I was seriously going to do that anyways because I hate cold weather and lines). We drove by Best Buy, Target, Walmart and they were all SUPER PACKED. So we just drove over to the mall to get some deals (nearly everything in the entire mall was at least 40% off). We went to American Eagle and some other stores and I bought some cute cardigans and sweaters and I love it all.

We called up everywhere, and no place still had the $199 Playstation 3s, so we went back to Target at night time and bought one for the normal price at $249. Oh well. We also bought the BF some stuff.

As I’ve told you guys, me and the BF just go on shopping trips and buy stuff for ourselves and then just buy a couple surprise presents for us to unwrap. Yes it’s super boring (and not Christmassy romantic at all), but it’s what we like.

How was your Thanksgiving and Friday?

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