My Weekend and My Car Rant

Finally it’s Friday. I know you all are just as excited as me. I have a lot to do. A long, boring paper to type and two tests to study for (well 5 if I want to study for the finals the following week as well). And it’s also my sister’s birthday.

I also finished my very last homework assignment (not including my last paper) the other night for this semester. So relieved. I can’t wait until I have a whole month off before the next summer semester. My summer semester shouldn’t be too bad either. I go two days a week in June, then in July I go 4 days a week (which will be horrible), but then I’ll be done in August! WHOO HOO for no more homework EVER!

Questions of the day also, should I have a graduation party when I graduate? Do MBA grads usually do that or is that lame? Just wondering, because I honestly have no clue. To clarify: When I say “party,” I mean just inviting people over, drinking and BBQing. I don’t plan on walking either. So if any of you can persuade to walk at graduation, talk away and let me know. I can’t decide.

My good friend is also coming in town on Saturday so that will be fun also!Yard work is also on the agenda for the weekend. Our front lawn is way too long and our neighbors probably hate us. Thankfully I’ve never touched a lawn mower and the bf does all of that. But I do need to plant flowers and clean up the flowers that we do have because we probably have the ugliest yard in the neighborhood.

And the most FUN part of my weekend:

I need to renew my license plates. However, I paid off my car early, so I was told the other day by the DMV (AKA hell on earth), that I need to apply for a new title since I no longer have a loan on my car. And that means that I should have gotten a notarized loan release letter that is addressed to the DMV from my bank (which I have not gotten). I guess I never noticed it before, but on my title it even says this. Wow I’m dumb, please no one make fun of me.

So I need that letter, I’m getting my front windshield replaced (so that I can pass the safety inspection), I need to get the safety inspection, and a couple of other things, and THEN I can apply for a new car title and get my license plate stickers.

I received my license plate renewal form in the mail, and it said ALL that I would need would be my personal property tax receipt, safety inspection, my title, ID, proof of insurance and that is all. Or I could just renew it online and provide only the safety inspection receipt number. They even gave me a postcard with a card and username so that I could do this. Of course that was a huge fatty lie once I actually went to the DMV. I didn’t realize that when you pay off your car, that you then have to get a brand new title to go along with it.

This is all my fault for waiting until the last second, but this also means that my license plates will be expired on May 1st. And in my city, ANYONE who works for the city can give you an expired license plate ticket.

I’m going to try and go to my bank on Saturday and see what I can do about the notarized letter.

I once got a ticket for my old car when I was younger and my car was parked in my driveway (with another car parked behind it even) and I was told that a city house inspector gave me my ticket (he was NOT inspecting our house). With this ticket, I went to the courthouse and got the ticket taken back because I thought it was ridiculous that if I parked MY car in MY driveway and I don’t drive the car anymore, that I would get a ticket for it. The car didn’t even work. (by the way, this driveway could fit around 6 cars and extended into the backyard, so this person walked behind the house and INTO the backyard to give me a ticket, as it is not visible from the street). And the street that the house was on was a dead end court, so it’s not like if the car was visible to anyone besides 2 neighbors. Ridiculous.

Tell me your greatest Department of Motor Vehicles story!

P.S. Sorry for the long rant. Have a great weekend!


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