My Weekend and My February Goals

Today is the boy’s birthday! He’s the big 23 today. We have a slightly busy weekend in front of us. I have work today (of course), then I have to do some grocery shopping and going out for his birthday. Then tomorrow we have a full day.

I also have a small Estee Lauder secret shop on Saturday. It’s pretty easy, I’ve done a lot of these Estee Lauder shops. I just act like I’m buying a specific product that they tell me to, and I just need to buy anything Estee Lauder to prove that I was there. I actually need new foundation, so this is the perfect time for me to go. I will make $22 on this secret shop, so it’s pretty easy! I also did an “online”, super quick, secret shop nearly everyday this week, so it’s not a ton of money, but around $20 this week. P.S. Check out Frugal Beautiful’s giveaway!On my first day of not being lazy with my outfits: I did good on my first day of trying harder with my outfits, hopefully this continues! I think I’m going to either post pictures on Saturdays or Sundays, haven’t decided. My camera is horrible though, it’s just a Nikon Coolpix, so I’m sorry for the not so pretty pictures (especially compared to most of you who have great cameras!).

Also, it’s been wonderful out this whole past week. Around 65 to 70 degrees each day. We are having the weirdest winter, but I love it. I’m ready to break out my summery dresses, but I’ll look crazy, so I guess I will wait. Even though I do want to start wearing cute spring-y heels 🙁

I posted my update for my January goals the other day, but I didn’t have any time to post my February goals, so here they are!

February Goals

  1. Save an extra $10 a day. This is for my DSLR fund. I still haven’t decided for sure if I want a Canon or a Nikon, because I hear Nikons are easier for beginners. What does everyone think?

  2. Reassess our budget and cut out $25. This will probably be hard even though it’s a small amount. However, I do add an extra amount to the budget because of higher winter bills, and the weather has been WONDERFUL, so this will offset our budget in my mind. We’re probably saving around $100 a month right now from cheaper heating bills.

  3. Start and finish homework before it’s due. I really need to start working on this. I would like to actually start working on some of my projects soon. Lets see if this actually happens.

  4. Post about my side income. When I posted about my side income the other day in my January goals, A LOT of you either commented or emailed and asked me about the specifics of this. I loved all of the questions too. So if you have any other specific questions, leave a comment here or email me, and I’ll make sure to make a whole post on it by sometime next week. Is there anything else you’d like me to post about?

  5. Workout at least 2 times a week. I need to start working out more, or at least running with my pup more. I know I failed this miserably last month, but I have faith in myself.

  6. Sell my stuff on Ebay. Finish selling the rest of my stuff on eBay.

  7. Make an extra $500 this month. Last month I made around $600. I plan on making at least $500 through more blog income, secret shops, surveys and eBay selling. I have around $100 coming in this week from surveys, secret shops and stuff I’ve sold, so I’m well on my way. I’m also hoping to make a couple hundred more from selling stuff on eBay.

  8. Watch our spending this month. I want to do lots of things on are next vacation, so I need to make this month pretty cheap.

  9. FINISH MY CLOSET. I’m done with saying this. I need to start working on my closet this weekend.

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