My Working Out Goal

I have a gym membership (read my past blog post about how I’m wasting my money on this here) which cost only $10 a month, but I never go. I bought it so that I can get more toned. I don’t really need to lose weight, I need actual muscle. The BF always makes fun of me because I’m so weak looking.

My friend is also on a diet, which is insane because she’s skinny and beautiful, but she thinks she’s gained weight. We both eat a TON though, so her goal is to start tracking her calories. She’s started tracking mine also (against my will because I’d rather not know). We each eat about 4,500 to 5,500 calories a day. WOWZA. I promise I am not huge. I weigh 118 (that’s what it said last time I worked out) and I’m about 5’5″, and she’s about 130 pounds and 5’6″.

Anyways, I thought I’d make a list of workout goals for myself. These might seem hilarious to you, but I’m extremely lazy so this would be a lot for me. Then my goal would be to update you all every so often on this, so that I can track myself. Here’s what I’m going to start with:

  1. 50 situps a day

  2. 50 pushups a day

  3. Run 3 miles at least twice a week

  4. Take my big dog for a loooonnnngg run at least once a week

  5. Do all sorts of lifting, lunges and the like

Do you have any fitness goals?

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