Nautical Inspirations and my weekend

Hey! This is just a quick post. I had a lot of fun last night! Today we might go skiing since there’s actually some snow here, but I don’t know. I’ve never been skiing, snowboarding or anything. Is that weird? Most likely weird. Hopefully I don’t look crazy stupid.

I still need to order the rest of my textbooks. I only ordered one. I looked online and nearly all of my professors want “custom books”. These are books where the professor asks the publisher to take different chapters out of different book and put it in a custom hard cover. These are super expensive, you can’t buy them used, and you can’t sell them when you’re done. UGH!!! That’s also another thing I’ll be doing today, trying to buy those without having a heart attack.

Anyways, I love all things nautical, and I just wanted to show you guys some pictures I found on Pinterest that I love.

Have a great weekend.


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