November Goals and Life Update

October was a great month in all aspects.

I left my day job, reconnected with family members (some I haven’t seen in over a decade!), and found plenty of time to relax.

Everything is going very well and I have nothing to complain about. Yes, I know that this sounds like I am bragging, but life is just going very well right now 🙂

For November, I don’t know if anything big will happen, as October was the month of major life changes. November is my first full month of self-employment though, and that is pretty exciting in itself.

We are in Gulf Shores right now, but we are leaving today. We took a last second “spontaneous” trip with our dogs.

We got an awesome deal since we booked at the very last second. We managed to score a whole beach house for $650 for 5 days (including taxes, fees, cleaning, etc.), and that includes the fees for us having dogs as well. All I did was ask for a discount and I managed to get a really good one!

Also, I recently read an article at Afford Anything that really resonated with me. Essential 4-Step Guide to Escaping the Ordinary is a great post if you are looking to reach your goals. Read it now! No matter what your goals or dreams are, reading this is a great step towards being successful with what you want to do. What are your goals? What are you doing to reach them?

October Goals Update

  1. Jump out of an airplane. FAIL. I completely forgot about this. I have been feeling so busy yet so lazy at the same time. I most likely won’t be able to do this in November as I am really busy and the weather may not be good for that anyways.

  2. Start looking into getting my pilot’s license. PASS, kind of. I have been kind of looking into this. I already have an introductory class paid for. My dad had his pilots license and would take us out when we were younger, and it’s a very good memory I have of him. He also worked in the airline industry for 30 years when he passed away and it was a big passion of his.

  3. Keep our food budget under $400 and meal plan. PASS. We have been doing very well with our food spending. Lately, we much prefer eating at home instead of a restaurant, and I don’t think we have actually ate in a restaurant in a very long time (except when I went to Chevy’s with my friends). We still do order takeout occasionally, but that is almost always relatively cheap.

  4. Make an extra $10,000 this month. PASS. I made almost $12K in October.

  5. Publish a post on my last day of work. PASS. I’m done!

November Goals

  1. Keep our food budget under $400 and meal plan. We have been doing amazing with keeping our food budget low, but not with meal planning. I need to start doing this again as we have had too much food waste lately.

  2. Make $10,000 in business income this month. I definitely think that this amount is doable again in November. I have secured a few contracts for November, so I sort of have guaranteed income (what is guaranteed income in the freelancing world, anyways?).

  3. Send out our Save-the-Dates. I have really been slacking with this one. These are supposed to go out around 9 months before, and even sooner than that if you are getting married in a popular month (which we are – June). We plan on sending these out this month. Luckily, two of W’s cousins on both sides have given me addresses for everyone on both side of his family from when they each got married this past Summer. This makes everything 1,000 times easier!

  4. Find a caterer. Luckily, we want catered BBQ for our wedding, so this shouldn’t be too hard. Let the BBQ taste testing begin!

How did you do in October? What is your main goal for November?



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