October Goals and Life Update

I can’t wait until later this year when I get to go back here!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week. On Tuesday, I published my September Side Income and Self-Employment Update. September was a great month!

September was good all around. Income was good. We met our financial goals. Life with student loans is still going great. Family and friends are well too. And my best friend got married.

We have been thinking about a lot of trips that we want to take. We are going to go back to St. Thomas at the end of this year, and we also want to go on a road trip. Going to Colorado in the winter time and going skiing would be fun too. I’ve never been skiing! Do you have any travel plans?

My wedding dress came in a couple of weekends ago. I picked it up and I no longer have wedding dress regret. I posted a picture of me in the dress once it came in, but I deleted it the other day just in case W saw it. I honestly don’t care if he sees it, but a lot of people are telling me that I’ll regret it. Oh well!

A lot of different things happened in September, and October is and will be a life-changing month for the both of us. I’m trying to keep things a secret for now so that nothing bad happens from me being too public.

One secret is that W is going back to school starting in January. He’s going back for a science degree. There’s a really good program here with tons of jobs available that we know he would be passionate about. So, if any of you have tips for someone going to college when they are an adult and not fresh out of high school, please leave them below!

September Goals Update

  1. Keep our food budget under $450. PASS. We did pretty well with our food budget. We ate in a lot. We really can’t stand going out to eat anymore. I guess that’s what happens when you spend all of your money going out to eat and can’t stand the food any longer. Food at home is just so much better.

  2. Create a meal plan. FAIL. I didn’t make a single meal plan. We probably could have saved a little bit more money if we would have had a meal plan.

  3. Do more free activities. PASS. We did really well with this! We have been riding our bikes and have never been happier.

  4. Fully fund our emergency fund. PASS! I made a post on Diversified Finances about this. Self-employment life will be so much easier with a fully funded EF.

  5. Run 20 miles each week and lose weight. FAIL. I have been extremely unmotivated.

  6. Make an extra $10,000 this month. PASS. I made over $12K last month in business income. My best month ever!

  1. Jump out of an airplane. I have been really wanting to go skydiving. October will be the month! Or at least I hope so.

  2. Start looking into getting my pilot’s license. My dad had his pilot’s license, and when we were little he would take us out on short day trips on small planes. It was a lot of fun. I know that if he were still alive that he would love for me to do this.

  3. Keep our food budget under $400 and meal plan. I have slightly decreased our food budget since I will be making the switch to self-employment VERY soon.

  4. Make an extra $10,000 this month. This is of course before taxes, and I think it is possible. With self-employment being so close, I will have so much more time to add even more clients and projects to my business.

  5. Publish a post on my last day of work. Yup, I just said it. It will have to be a surprise until then 🙂

How did you do in September? What is your main goal for October?


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